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Interfaith Foundation U.K.

an associate of One Spirit Interfaith in the United States



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From their website:

"We train and enable open-hearted men and women with an inclusive global spirituality, to serve people from all faiths or none.  We welcome everyone who feels called to deepen their understanding and awareness of true Self and Spirit. We are committed to sharing our journey of exploration into what it means to be human, and how to serve Life, God, the Source of All, in a myriad of ways, both secular and sacred.

Who am I?  What is life?  The Interfaith Seminary's one- and two-year training brings intense and joyful inquiry to  these fundamental questions. Recent students describe the  journey as 'radical homecoming, continued awakening, healing and  acceptance....'  The full training passionately opens the questions: What is my purpose? What is service? culminating in ordination as a minister and spiritual counsellor.

Our Interfaith Ministers create and lead ceremonies, offer spiritual counselling, and work in a very wide range of roles with individuals, families and communities. Each seeks to live their individual calling in a direct and authentic way.   Believing there are Many Ways, One Truth, the Interfaith Foundation embraces the universal truth at the heart of all spiritual traditions." 

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Interfaith Circle Ceremony; Interfaith Minister Graduates



Program Details:

Each training programme starting in autumn 2009 will have a lead tutor who will be with the class throughout the two-year programme, from induction to ordination. That person will be assisted by:

  • Other members of the faculty team.
  • A panel of visiting tutors, who have particular experience in teaching specialist parts of the curriculum, for example spiritual counselling. 
  • A team of mentors, who will be dedicated to supporting your training programme for the two years. Students on each programme will be divided into study groups with 5 - 6 participants, and one mentor will work closely with each study group. Mentors are all graduate interfaith ministers, selected for their capacity for inspired service and their subtle skills, and will be working with you as part of their own postgraduate training in spiritual direction and group facilitation skills.




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United Kingdom Sacred Sites:  Stonehenge (2800 BC); Christ Church Thuiman (7th Century); Glastonbury (2000 BC)


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Interfaith Seminary U.K., History and Vision

The Interfaith Foundation's line of descent goes back to 1981 when The New Seminary was founded in New York by Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, with the support of religious leaders such as Swami Satchidananda, Methodist minister Rev Jon Mundy and others wishing to explore beyond the boundaries of their own faith.   In 1996 Miranda Holden started The New Seminary in London, having spent two years travelling to be trained and ordained in New York. She significantly adapted the US training programme to the particular culture and needs of the UK.   As this organisation's spiritual director for its first 10 years, Miranda presided over a steady growth in student numbers, recruited a talented team of programme facilitators and visiting speakers, and led the development of new teaching methods and materials.

Our name changed to The Interfaith Seminary in 2002, and we became a registered charity in 2004.  Miranda's own growth and development into an outstanding teacher and facilitator of spiritual awakening - as a minister, counsellor, programme leader and author - culminated in her decision in 2006 to step down as the Seminary's spiritual director, and to become a travelling teacher. She now leads spiritual retreats around the world, and is known as Miranda Macpherson, or simply Miranda.    

Early in 2009, a further change in organisational structure took place.  The Interfaith Foundation was established as the trustee body with overall responsibility for both student teaching (the Interfaith Seminary) and the support of our ministers (the Interfaith Ministers Association).

More than 350 interfaith ministers have been ordained in the UK, drawn from diverse backgrounds. Some have travelled long distances to train, and are now ministers in their own countries - including Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Hong Kong. Another 50 students will be ordained as ministers in August 2008, graduating from training programmes run in three centres: London, Manchester and Perth.  

We have a close relationship of reciprocal support with the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and Learning Alliance (HERE at the Multiplex) in New York, which also emerged from The New Seminary.  The spiritual director of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, Rev Diane Berke, usually attends and contributes to our annual retreat and Ordination ceremony, and we are represented at the equivalent events in New York.  

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