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Russill Paul

The Crossings, Austin

Host to Important Events within the Interspiritual Community

a reservoir for Brother Wayne, Fr. Keating, H. H. the Dalai Lama and other interspiritual pioneers, The Crossings retreat center, Austin, hosted key events in the unfolding of the interspiritual discussion


for contacting The Crossings, see The Crossings logo below-- "The Crossings, Austin's Premier Green Resort and Wellness Center"

below left:   "Winter Pool" by Dafna Mordecai



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"Common Ground" Gatherings, 2003-2009

A true "reservoir", The Crossing's has hosted Brother Wayne's "Common Ground" gatherings since 2003.   The "Common Ground" gatherings have been the embodiment of Brother Wayne's vision of interspirituality and a place where the growing ISDnA community could experiement with formats and structures for advancing the interspiritual discussion.   After Bro. Wayne's transition in 2003, The Crossing hosted the "Wayne Tribute Event" (see right). 

For years, interspiritual adepts have gathered at The Crossings near Austin, Texas to deepen their interspiritual experience with the common ground created by their gathering in heart and dialogue. These gathering have included the first "Common Ground" gatherings while Bro. Wayne was still actively working, the "Tribute Event" to Brother Wayne in 2005 (see right), the Common Ground, Abraham Walk, and Women's Role in Peace gatherings since that time.  These have all been collaborations among the ISDnA organizer group centered on its Austin members, Ken and Joyce Beck, original co-founders of The Crossings and their Board Members Charles Ragland, Adam Blatner and others. 

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Oscar Miro-Quesada doing ceremony at the 2005 "Tribute Event to Brother Wayne"

Out of ritual silence, participants listened for how the times are calling them to contribute to the unfoldment of this world dream, and in what areas of interest or concern such as ecology and nature, visionary arts, educating young people, interfaith work, etc., they most wanted to bestow their gifts and services.   They also envisioned how these particular areas of concern could contribute to the betterment of the planet. From a space of oneness using improvisation, they conceived methods for individuals to collectively design and implement transformative interspiritually-based projects for the future.


The 'rejuvinated' Crossings, 2010

The Crossings has undergone major additional development since 2010 to become "Austin's premier green resort and wellness center".  To explore the details on all of these developments since 2010 see:

and the major heading icons there:  Resort, Accommodations, Wellness Spa, Dining, Activities, Meetings and Retreats and Contact.

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Joyce & Ken Beck, Founders


The "Wayne Tribute Event"  2005

Common Ground 2005 was a tribute to the work and vision of Brother Wayne Teasdale, author of The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Univeral Spirituality in the World's Religions, and spokesperson for a core mysticism that would inspire and guide a major interfaith component in the world transformation movement.  

Read about "Common Ground':

Gorakh Hayashi's tribute to Bro. Wayne at "Common Ground": HERE

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The Crossings, Main Meeting Center

The conference was also intended to further Brother Wayne’s dream of an international association to promote interspirituality and interspiritual dialogue, as well as create a working model of how individuals from different religious traditions and backgrounds could come together through indigenous ritual, shared music, and individual and group creative processes to synthesize a unified energy field that could, in turn, inspire and support individual and small group service projects for years to come.  This became ISDnA, your host at The InterSpiritual Multiplex and, in 2010, co-founders of the World Council of Interfaith Congregations and the Universal Order of Sanyassa.

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"Breakout" discussion groups which led to the founding of ISDnA in 2005 at the culmination of the "Trubute Event"

Among the featured presenters: Father Thomas Keating on centering prayer, Joan Borysenko on creative play, Betty Sue Flowers on organizational design, and Gorakh Hayashi on synthesizing and balancing yin and yang energies as experiential and contextual support for the different aspects of the conference process.

Core teachings of Brother Wayne Teasdale were also explored to inform and inspire this unfoldment. A number of celebrated musicians participated, along with ritual elements provided by leading ceremonialists like Oscar Miro Quesada of the Andean indigenous traditions. Participants from a various groups and constituencies initiated and nurtured by Bro. Wayne were in attendance. Seven members of the original ISD from New York also participated, informing the audience on Brother Wayne's inspirations and directions to them with regard to his dreams of an international association (ISDnA) and his Univeral Order of Sannyasa.


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