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Spiritual But Not Religious

Spiritual Not Religious


We've added this page because recent surveys indicate one fourth to one fifth of American's identify themselves this way.  And, nothing could be closer to this than "InterSpirituality" itself!

Interspirituality is "all about the experience-- of love in Oneness" and far less, if at all, about the narrative (or dogmatic beliefs or creeds) that may surround that in standard "religion".

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This distinction was fundamental to Bro. Wayne's work and why he also said "We are all mystics".... because, like all human beings, we feel, we see, we care, we inquire, we explore, etc.

Check that perspective out below, and at our sister site Community of The Mystic Heart here: (in the Directory there, click on Education and, at Education, scroll down to this diagram and it's commentary). 

'"Religion" is about right belief and right creed and, when push comes to shove, creed trumps deed!   "Spirituality is about right being and right action and, when push comes to shove, deed trumps creed!"' ( Interspiritual Dialogue Inc.).


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The entire Multiplex is devoted to persons and organizations dedicated to this Oneness-based understanding of love.   Take a look around the Multiplex! 


Here is more information as further background to "Spiritual But Not Religious":


GOOGLE:    Spiritual but not religious

and Spiritual but not religious definition


Here's what Wiki says:

According to one poll, some 244% of the United States population identifies itself as spiritual but not religious.  One might say then, that a key difference is that religion is a type of formal external search, while spirituality is defined as a search within oneself. Spirituality defined in this sense is perfectly compatible with skepticism about the supernatural. One might also say that spirituality is the path itself, rather than the goal: the attitude and the way a person chooses to live rather than a goal they must reach.


Here's the link for what Beliefnet says:


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Join us at the Multiplex (take some time to explore) and at Community of the Mystic Heart, a "loosely strung" community of hundreds worldwide dedicated to sharing about this vision, and all that it implies!