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"Super Nova" by Dafna Mordecai

"Golden Trinity" by Dafna Mordecai


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Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, founders of Spirituality & Practice and authors of Spiritual Literacy


Key Word Searches at Spirituality and Practice:


There is  no substitute for a long browse through the pages of Spirituality and Practice created by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, the authors of Spiritual Literacy.  The site is perhaps the largest virtual resource tool available for the interspiritual journey. 

Recognizing the fundamental element of interspiri- tuality, emphasizes what all religious experiences have in common— profound movement of the soul (“spirituality”) and ongoing devotion to that experience (“practice”).   

When you visit Spirituality and Practice, you'll see it is formatted into categories and themes of inquiry as well as searches through key inspirational words. Below we give you a taste of these, along with links that can take you to parts of the S&P site that might initially interest you the most. 

Once you’re there, take your time for a good look around. Especially, investigate S&P’s on-site resources and their rich variety of e-courses and other learning tools.   You’ll note that the Multiplex’s Search, Blog and Shared Store pages also link you directly with those capabilities at Spirituality and Practice.

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Below you will find the main categories at S&P's Home Page to guide and link you to this extensive site; included are links videos, audios, notes, texts, and samples of major contemporary or recent teachers.


Browse, Sample, and Enjoy!

Spiritual Practices
Books for Spiritual Journeys
Audios for Spiritual Journeys
Spirituality & Film
Spirituality on DVD
Spiritual Teachers
Blogs & Maps
Naming the Days
Spiritual Literacy Project
S&P Community
About Us
Press Room
Advanced Searches
Gift Store
Free Newsletter

Here's the Home Page link again:


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E-courses and Online Retreats-- a Specialty of Spirituality and Practice

E-courses, online Retreats, and 21-day online specialty courses are one of the most popular features of Spirituality and Practice. 

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Here's the link:


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Spiritual Master's Project at Spirituality and Practice

See Brother Wayne section, and sections on other spiritual masters at Spirituality and Practices's "Spiritual Master's Project".  Included with Brother Wayne are:

Sri Chimoy, William Sloane Coffin, Madeleine L. 'Engle, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Frederick Franck, John O'Donahue and Jose Hobday


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"Trinity" by Dafna Mordecai


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"Starburst" by Dafna Mordecai


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