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Seven Pillars

Recommended in New York

Individual Organizations Recommended in the New York Area




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"Gem" and "Feather" sidebars by Dafna Mordecai



Noteworthy New York Programs

summaries, links, videos

In addition to the more than half dozen coalitions and networks to which the Multiplex has linked you at "The New York Hub", we especially recommend the following individual organizations which are members of those networks and coalitions. 

The variety below is great, but we mark them specifically so their information is more readily available to you.  Scroll below to explore:

The Order of Love, The Heart of the HealerFellowship of the Heart, The Free Heart, Theatre Group Dzieci, The National Service Conference of the American Ethical Union, We the World, New Realities and the Meta Center, Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors, Exploring Spirituality, Auroville USA, Matagiri Center and the New York Sri Aurobindo Study Group

Explore and Enjoy!


The Order of Love

The Oneness Center of the Order of Love represents the work of Ronit Singer, a gifted teacher emphasizing the inherent interplay in Oneness of spiritual awakening and embodiment.   Highly recommended by many persons in New York and a friend to all of the interspiritual work going on in the region, the Order of Love programs feature individual and group work along with regular retreats and special events. 

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"Wave Garden B" by Dafna Mordecai, Executive Director for Ronit Singer's Order of Love and artist for The Multiplex

for more versions of the "Wave Garden" theme see the Poetry page

For information on The Oneness Center of the Order of Love contact Dafna Mordecai at or see their website at:



The Heart of the Healer

The Heart of the Healer represents the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of Andean shamanism, and its leader Don Oscar Miro-Quesada.  THOTH has been close to the work of Brother Wayne for many years because of its focus on "The Eagle/Condor Prophecy", an indigenous prophecy about the potential of our species for higher consciousness.

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from the THOTH website

You can learn more at the Websites: www.heartofthehealer.og and

And see more on Oscar and THOTHS's work at ISDnA (and see Dorothy Cunha at WCIC [at the World hub] and the Sannyasa page).

wpeAB.jpg (9099 bytes) See Oscar Miro-Quesada discuss "Shamanic Vision and the Eco-Revolution" at:  


Fellowship of the Heart

Fellowship of the Heart is an association of teachers of Advaita Vedanta including Pamela Wilson, Annette Knopp and Kurt Johnson.   Pamela and Annette are known worldwide and information on their teaching schedules can be found at their websites and  Kurt's schedule, because he spends so much of his time with interspiritual work is here at The Multiplex (see Schedules).  Pamela and/or Annette have been featured in numerous books including Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom, Emerging Spiritual Teachers and Teachers of One.

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Artwork from kurt's original website (for other outtakes from his original website see Schedule page)

wpeAB.jpg (9099 bytes) See Video of Pamela Wilson (from New Realities) here:

wpeAB.jpg (9099 bytes) See Video introduction and commentaries to Bro. Wayne Tribute Event by Kurt Johnson and other founders of ISDnA here:


The Free Heart

The Free Heart is Annette Knopp's work through Fellowship of the Heart in the New York area and through Omega Institute, New York and Costa Rica.  Annette focuses on women's circles, mythic journey, a creative yoga practice, inquiry, satsang and all that is "of the Heart".  She teaches in American, Europe and Latin America and her more about her and her schedule is available at the website:

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detail from artwork at The Free Heart

How can I say
how precious this is?
How deeply Life loves
when you allow to crack open?

How will you know
how wide are your wings
and gentle the wind
to the one who is broken?

While death is on its way
to bereave you of form
Love wants to love
No words need be spoken
When will you see the innermost “me”
alive as the world thru the light of your eyes?
Sun and moon are only your shadow -
don’t hold the flood, leave all fear behind

from The Free Heart

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Theatre Group Dzieci

Theatre Group Dzieci is a New York based pioneering sacred theatre group which was a founding member of InterSpiritual Dialogue.    "Dzieci" means "children" in Polish and reflects the roots of Dzieci's work in the art of Grotowski (Gerdjieff is another important influence).

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Dzieci's "signature" sacred piece "The Fools Mass" (above) has been performed worldwide, including the Parliament of the World's Religions in 2004 when they accompanied ISDnA to Barcelona.  Matt Mitler, Dzieci Director, is a founding member of ISDnA and has worked with Brother Wayne and Russill Paul.  Dzieci is also well known for its service work in hospitals and hospices.  Dzieci worked with ISDnA for several years in the production of the annual "InterSpiritual Ceremony for Peace" for the UN International Day of Peace. 

See a special, longer, section on Dzieci through The Multiplex provided by these links: 

an insightful research paper on Grotowski, "the total act", and Dzieci's work (pdf)
a first-person depiction of a Dzieci workshop
Dzieci's profile in the performing arts journal Ecumenica (pdf)

More information is available at its

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The National  Service Conference of the American Ethical Union

National Service Conference of the American Ethical Union is the original sponsor of ISDnA in the UN NGO Community.  See more on the NSC at New York hub (UN-NGO Community) and its Website:


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We theWorld

We the World is one of the most active organizations in the UN- NGO Community.  See more on We the World at World Groups page ( and the UN-NGO Community page of the Multiplex and its Websites: or

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New Realities and the Meta Center

No discussion of interspiritual activity in New York City is complete without mention of New Realities, New Realities TV, and its cooperative partner The Meta Center.  Alan Steinfeld, the well-known founder of New Realities has been a founding member of both ISDnA and The Coalition for OneVoice. 

wpeAB.jpg (9099 bytes) Much more can be learned by exploring New Realities' interactive website at where there is an extensive free Video Archive

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Alan Steinfeld (right), then Deepak Chopra, Andrew Cohen, Diane Williams, Linus Roache at founding of The Coalition for OneVoice (see New York hub)

Meta Center, hosted by Jodi Serota, features myriad spiritual and transformational visitors to the New York City area.   Its website is

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Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors

Similarly, no discussion of interspiritual activity and art in New York City is complete without note of the work of Alex and Allyson Gray and their Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors.  It is currently being expanded to include a new Retreat Center locality near New Hamburg, New York.  You can learn about it at their website

In addition to these developments, COSM plans 2010 launch of several new ambitious ventures including the COSM Journal of Visionary Culture:

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Chapel of the Sacred Mirror, New York City, featuring the visionary art of Alex Gray

Alex, Allyson and COSM have been frequent hosts to activites of the Coalition for OneVoice (see New York hub).

wpeAB.jpg (9099 bytes) Preview "COSM, The Movie" at (click on COSM, the Movie at left hand side of page).

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"Exploring Spirituality", Elbridge,

New York

“Exploring Spirituality” inculcates the work of Ralph Singh, a follower of His Holiness Baba Virsa Singh of Gobind Sadan.  Based on devotion to the interfaith vision, the site is dedicated to sharing experiences and educational tools that will lead us to a better state of mind and a better world, emphasizing that we are all on this path together.  Ralph is the author of "Stories to Light our Way...."

wpe1B1.jpg (47292 bytes) 

wpeAB.jpg (9099 bytes) Download at or purchase at; Watch intro on YouTube


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Auroville U.S.A., Matagiri Center, and the New York Sri Aurobindo Study Group

The persons and entries in this section represent the substantial support, education and service efforts of New York adepts in the tradition of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother (see Photo Archive).  These include the Matagiri center initiated, among others, by Julian Lines and the Study Group and other activities of, among others, Miriam Belov. 

Principals from Auroville and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India are members of the Contemplative Alliance and both ISDnA and OneSpirit have done cooperative programs with them, and the New York based support groups.  These have concerned Aurobindo's vision of emerging collective consciousness and embodiment and been hosted by One Spirit.

There is no doubt that this thread is a major one in the ongoing evolution toward world shift and transformation.  Sri Aurobindo and The Mother were gigantic figures not only in the history of India but the evolution of world conscious- ness.  So, we provide a number of links regarding all these groups and persons below.

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Matagiri Residential Center, nr. Woodstock NY

Websites to;;

Auroville on the Web
For more details, the following sites will be of interest: Auroville Website and Miraura Website

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Left, Aster Patel; Right; Sraddhalu Ranade

...with whom the Contemplative Alliance and ISDnA, OneVoice, One Spirit have done cooperative programs.   Browse them at the New York hub of the Multiplex.


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