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The Crossings

The Austin "Hub" Page
InterSpirituality in and around Austin

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Art above is from the "Follicle Mandalla" series by Dafna Mordecai except

Art at  left of Dzogchen Osel Ling is "Orange Cloud Mandalla" by Dafna Mordecai

The Crossings

The Crossings retreat center and spa have figured prominently in supporting Bro. Wayne's vision for many years.  Home to Wayne's original "Common Ground" gatherings, which continued with the participation of ISDnA, The Crossings hosted the 2005 Tribute Event to Bro. Wayne and continue innovative programs in interspirituality.

Visit The Crossings at the Multiplex


Russill Paul

Russill Paul, founder of the Yoga of Sound and the Yogic Mystery School programs, hosts another major interspiritual center for the Austin area.  Russill was a close friend and confidant of Bro. Wayne and links to Russill's work can be found throughout and The Multiplex.  Russill's most recent book Jesus in the Lotus is also featured at the Multiplex in the EXPLORE section.

Visit Russill Paul's work at the Multiplex


Dzogchen Osel Ling

Dzogchen Osel Ling (outside Austin, Texas) is the seat and teaching center established by Lama Surya Das in the lineage of Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche

See Dzogchen Center at the Other U.S. page

Visit Dzogchen Osel Ling at:  


Awakened Life

Ellen Friedman and her vision of Gracepoint Commons-- interspiritual sanctuary, beloved community and commons stewardship.

"Our goal is to awaken the teacher within each individual in order to achieve personal and collective transformation.   We offer a variety of experiences that nurture consciousness, love, interconnectedness and enlightened action.  Inner journey support includes spiritual mentoring, meditation, yoga, transformative ritual, and salons for deep listening.   Support for the outer journay and enlightened action include workshops on stewardship, the formation of commons trusts, and the formal consensus process."

Visit Ellen Friedman's work at the Multiplex


Psychodrama and More-- Adam Blatner

Adam Blatner M.D., a co-founder of ISDnA, brings a wealth of expertise on Psychodrama to the Interspiritual discussion, along with many other elements.  A "Life Fellow" of the American Psychiatric Association, he is probably best known for the book with his wife, Allee, The Art of Play.

His website includes a range of topics from intersubjective, philosophical and psychotherapeutic dialogue to pure fun with psychodrama, play, and Adam's own penchant in cartoon creation.   He is always seeking dialogue.

Visit Adam at his website:



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