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Chicago Circles

The Chicago "Hub" Page

InterSpirituality in and around Chicago

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"Chicago Circles"--  Columbia College Light Circle

This circle grows from the friends of Brother Wayne in Chicago, where Wayne taught (among other places) at Columbia College ("CC") and there associated closely with Gorakh Hayashi, another co-founder of the wider ISDnA network.  Chicago Circles especially grows from and through CC students for whom it is a major contemplative and activist venture.

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Institute for Sacred Activism (ISA)

ISA, located in Oak Park, is the vehicle driving the visionary Sacred Activism work of Andrew Harvey (author of, most recently, The Hope). ISA is another major force today rooted in the sangha of Fr. Bede Griffiths, from which also emerged Bro. Wayne and Russill Paul (see Austin).  ISA's dynamic program provides a system of thought and traditional wisdom practice that helps support transformative change in the world.  Members of New York's One Spirit community also work at ISA.

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"Crystal Cave" Mandallas and Panorama by Dafna Mordecai



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