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The New York "Hub" Page

InterSpirituality in the New York Region

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The "Grassland Mandalla" Series by Dafna Mordecai (with details) (except for "Pillar of Fire" [to the left of Seven Pillars House]).

InterSpiritual Dialogue 'n Action (ISDnA)

ISDnA an international network furthering the vision and work Bro. Wayne Teasdale, coiner of the word "interspirituality".  Formed in 2002 with Bro. Wayne, ISDnA is your host at the Multiplex.  ISDnA's activities and history are detailed in the Bro. Wayne Teasdale Special Section of the Multiplex.  Emphasized particularly here is ISDnA's in-person and long distance learning program at One Spirit Learning Alliance and Interfaith Seminary (see next entry).

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One Spirit Learning Alliance and Interfaith Seminary (One Spirit)

"One Spirit", a truly interspiritual learning and practice community is comprised of its One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, which graduates some one hundred interfaith ministers annually, and its Learning Alliance, which offers in-person and long distance learning offerings and certificated programs in Conscious Leadership and InterSpiritual Counseling.  One Spirit programs range from traditional interfaith, trans- traditional and interspiritual programs, to dharma and "futurist" teaching (esp. Integral & Spiral Dynamics).   Special programs represent the work of  Wayne Teasdale and Ken Wilber.  

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Coalition for OneVoice (COV)

The Coalition for OneVoice was formed in 2006 to create a collective energy among practitioners and organizations doing spiritual and transformative work in the greater New York City area.  It's major public events in spirituality and world transformation have included Deepak Chopra, Andrew Harvey, Carolyn Myss, Andrew Cohen and Matthew Fox. 

The Coalition offers nearly 20 "focus circles" where spiritual and transformative passion can be directed to transformative work.  These foster an ongoing variety of engaged programs in and around the New York City area.

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Integral in New York

Integral in New York points to four programs promulgating the work and vision of Ken Wilber, today's most translated philosopher and futurist thinker.  All of these programs are directed by persons with a personal connection to Wilber. 

Included are the New York Ken Wilber Meetup directed by Barbara Larisch and Steve Nadel; New York Integral directed by Lynne Feldman and Joanne Rubin; Integral Psychology New York directed by Dr. Joanne Rubin; and Integral at One Spirit involving Dr. Kurt Johnson, Michael Pergola, Loch Kelly, and Nomi Noeem among others.

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Natural Wakefulness Center (NWC)

Natural Wakefulness Center is the organization supporting the nondual direct path teaching of Loch Kelly.   Loch Kelly, who is also a psychotherapist and consciousness researcher, teaches at the request of the Vpassana community, Mingyur Rinpoche and Adyashanti. 

He presents The Course of Awakening associated with One Spirit's Integral Multifaith and Consciousness Studies curricula, which is also available through long distance learning.  NWC is also associated with Integral in New York.

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United Nations NGO Community

The United Nations non-govermental organization community in New York includes a number of important interspiritual entities:  the Spiritual and Values caucuses, the Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns and several NGO's involved in work akin to interspirituality-- the National Service Conference of the American Ethical Union, We the World, United Religions Initiative, Global Peace Initiative of Women and others. This Multiplex page linked below contains information on all of these activities.

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Contemplative Alliance/ Global Peace Initiative of Women

The Contemplative Alliance, founded 2009, grew out of the Aspen "Spiritual Summit" convened by the Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW).  GPIW hosts major grassroots and regional conferences and gatherings aimed at transformative work underpinned by contemplative spirituality. 

The Contemplative Alliance, an assembly of major contemplative figures worldwide is anticipated to become a force for transformation much in the spirit of the original intention voiced by Bro. Wayne in his classic book The Mystic Heart.

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Sevens Pillars House of Wisdom

Located in upstate New York, at New Lebanon, Seven Pillars is the center for Sufi teacher Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, who has said of it:

"What is needed now is a new house of wisdom, one for all of the great traditions of the world, as well as the burgeoning wisdom in science, in the arts, in all that comes from the heart of human experience." 

Seven Pillars House of Wisdom was established in 2007, drawing particular inspiration from the Sufi teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the interspiritual work of Br. Wayne Teasdale, and the cultural creativity of William Irwin Thompson.

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The Forge Institute

Headquartered in the Hudson River Valley, Forge Institute seeks to produce a critical mass of spiritually mature human beings, capable of consciousness and creative interaction in our pluralistic world.   In pursuit of this mission the Forge nourishes people from all traditions who are dedicated to becoming spiritually mature citizens of the world, spiritual teachers who understand and present their work as one of many pathways to spiritual development.   The Forge emphasizes tools and information to help people become more spiritually mature, foster public awareness of the process of spiritual maturation and promotes creative action to improve world conditions developed collaboratively by people of diverse pathways and political views.

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"Recommended in New York"

This extensive page contains numerous organizations and programs in the New York area that we admire and recommend.   They differ from the entries above only in that they are individual organizations as opposed to networks or cooperatives.  This page includes many programs, offerings and teachers in the New York area with whom we share a general direction, passion, and long term relationship. 

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