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The "Experience" Page

Now the rubber hits the road...




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"If you eat enough sh_ _,  you're bound to start having visions"   from Allen Ginsberg

"There comes a time in everyone's life when you have to take a pi_ _ in the sink" Peter Orlovsky

"Truth was the original music"   Pamela Wilson

"There is nothing more inscribed, nor thought, nor felt...and this must comfort the Heart's core against its false disasters"    from Wallace Stevens

"You are wise in proportion to your capacity for experience"   Boswell

"Things seen are things as seen"   Wallace Stevens



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"The Vision at Malgarath" and "Space Mandalla" series by Dafna Mordecai



"Things seen are things as seen" says the poet.

Thus, you may find things here that begin something, lead you somewhere, get you going, get you chipping away at experience.  But what is experience itself?  If it's immersion, advertant or inadvertant, in knowing and yet not knowing... feeling and knowing in that special way you "feel and know", that is much more real and enigmatic at the same time.

"There as so much that was real that was not real at all" the poet continues.  "Things are not as they appear; nor are they otherwise" repeats the perennial eastern wisdom.   "Believe what you like; or make something up" says the Zen master Ting.

So, to do the experiencing you may need to immerse somewhere, and not just in pages on the web or pages in a book.  So, we want to try to guide you to some good people and do you a favor by not mentioning the more questionable guides or teachers out there.  In some cases we've mentioned some controversial figures because their story is instructive and you can never be quite sure what's true-- especially from hearsay-- even when sometimes you "check it out".  Of course there are many worthy teachers not included here, simply by happenstance.

Many of the people featured here we know; some we don't.  We do know that many of them had some kind of connection to being inspired by Bro. Wayne's vision of interspirituality.  So, the ISDnA thread begins with many of these.  You'll see that reflected in how many of our pages are structured. 



Once you've touched on a lot of people and topics by Browse, Explore and Learn then check out how you can reach these persons for in-person, or even long distance learning, quidance and teaching.  By the time you've navigated through the Multiplex you will have your choice of nearly a hundred or more.  If you have questions, drop us an email.





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