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The "Learn" Page

Your chance to go deeper and deeper...for free!




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"There are limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction.  Primarily we learn from example and experience..."  from Blink

"Discovery involves seeing what everyone else has always seen but experiencing something entirely new..."  from Scientific Speculation

"One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time"   Andre Gide




By now you’ve been lucky enough to land at the Multiplex and have a chance to browse a bit.  Very much to your credit, you’ve hopefully also tried a path, or two, or three (or even more) at the Multiplex’s Explore page.   If you’ve enjoyed an exploration, now is the time to learn more, and dip in more deeply to something that has attracted your attention, maybe even your “gut”.

You can Learn through the Multiplex by accessing a large number of substantial hunks of information—by reading, audio, or video either here or at our affiliate sites.  These are all designed to be substantial enough to make you feel its been well worth your time.  And, it may be the beginning of something for you. 

Below is a list of the substantial learning tools that are available to you through the Multiplex.  Words in quotation marks are those keyed by links on every page.

"Directory" to the Multiplex

Multiplex "Search Page" and "Search Form" at "Directory"

"Browse", "Explore" and "Learn" Pages

"Features" at "Explore"

"Contemporary" and "Classical" Sources at "Learn"

Multiplex Geographic Hub Pages ("New York", "Chicago", "Austin", etc.) (see complete list at page tops and Directory)

Explore "Namaste", "Stillness Speaks" and "Spirituality and Practice" at "Explore" and at "Associate Sites"

Links at "Search" to Search Engines at Namaste, Stillness Speaks and Spirituality and Practice websites


Details about the LEARN page options are to the right!

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Detail of "Fire Lake Mandalla" by Dafna Mordecai, entire work at top



Learning at the Multiplex includes both

Classical Sources and Contemporary Sources

Click on "Subpages" here or at upper left.  The Multiplex embeds and links you to countless sources for nearly every path, way, practice, or spiritual tradition imaginable.   We particularly emphasize programs that offer Long Distance Learning-- where quality learning can be pursued over an extended period.  But short journeys are good too, and for this the Multiplex leads you from "hooks" and "features" to more extensive written, audio and video materials that can assist your journey.

We have made special efforts to make materials available on both classical spiritual learning (the historically "big names" of religion and spirituality worldwide) and contemporary spiritual learning (the folk who are "hot" out there today).  We've also made efforts to get this material to you free.

There are veritable libraries of key materials on spirituality and conscious- ness on the web.  We'll guide you through some awfully good "cherry picking".

There is a list at left (in blue) of all the Multiplex pages where learning materials are embedded.



Arbitrarily choose "Classical" or "Contemporary" Teachers, the Click on the relevant subpages below:



You'll note that all of the materials in our Learn section are also keyed in our Directories, Search Page, and Search Lists.  Accordingly, they can also be located by browsing various themes and categories.


Looking for photos of persons?   These will appear when you press on the links at "LEARN".  Also, see our "InterSpiritual Pioneers" photo archive at bottom of "Classical Sources" Page



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