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Our Artist

Dafna Mordecai


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"Malgarath" by Dafna Mordecai



Dafna Mordecai's life and work span several continents, many cultures, and multiple forms and dimensions.  Born in India, Dafna lived in Asia, Europe and the Middle East before the age of 10, when she immigrated to America and settled in New York City.  In this creative mecca, Dafna found home for her developing expression, including an immense reservoir of energies resonant with her cosmic imagination and conceptual space vast enough to embrace all its various and voluminous forms.   

After attending the High School of Art and Design, Dafna entered Parsons School of Design where she met artist and teacher David Passalaqua, who became her mentor and the greatest influence in her academic and professional life.  Following graduation, she continued to study with him at his studios in New York and Orlando.  Receiving training in the old masters and learning rigorous discipline, which included acquiring the ability to draw and paint with either hand and in all genres and schools.Mr. Passalaqua’s unique and eclectic approach to art enabled Dafna to not only become technically adept as illustrator, draftswoman, painter, and sculptor but also free her prolific talent and imagination.  

Surrealist in nature from the very beginning, Dafna’s work has evolved into an expressionistic style bordering on the abstract and futurism .  While the subject matter is rooted in familiar human themes, at the same time each piece of art is an invitation to the viewer to enter other yet unknown realms, worlds of multidimensionality and all possibilities, where Dafna resides in her own consciousness and future worlds, as Dafna intuits them. 

Once the viewer takes the perpetual leap into these works and these worlds, the compositions become spontaneously apparent, drawing the viewer more deeply into an exploration of mood, feeling, concept and consciousness.  Suddenly the viewer recognizes that this surrealistic universe is somehow familiar.  This recognition is a joy of Dafna’s work and the adventure for the viewer is endlessly delightful. 



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Terms of Use

Contact the Artist regarding the THUMBNAILS below or other work.  For more of Dafna’s diverse art and inquiries visit her web site: (coming soon).  Contact her at  Art at this site is copyrighted by Dafna Mordecai 2010; all rights are reserved.  For commercial or not-for-profit use query the Artist.   Reproductions of any kind are prohibited other than for personal and spiritual enjoyment. 


For more comments by Dafna about her work, see below the Thumbnails 

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wpeFC.jpg (36049 bytes)       wpe104.jpg (34233 bytes)

          Snow Silo                           Ice Gate

wpe10A.jpg (75172 bytes)         wpe110.jpg (31379 bytes)

      Maha Mandalla                       Forest Portal

wpe10D.jpg (63333 bytes)          wpe11A.jpg (47332 bytes)

            The Maha                                 Tree of Life


wpe128.jpg (18130 bytes)  wpe129.jpg (35795 bytes)

          Lightning Scape                         Super Nova


wpe12A.jpg (63381 bytes)       wpe12B.jpg (31669 bytes)

       Fire Tree Mandalla                     Crystal Diamond


wpe131.jpg (31276 bytes)        wpe132.jpg (62937 bytes)

      New Odessa             Crystal Cave Mandalla

wpe133.jpg (37602 bytes)      wpe135.jpg (65691 bytes)

   Crystal Cave Panoramic                  Snow Temple


wpe139.jpg (54798 bytes)        wpe13A.jpg (52472 bytes)

           Ascending Light                       Crater Terrain 


wpe13D.jpg (88427 bytes)      wpe13E.jpg (71076 bytes)

  Cotton Mandalla 1              Cotton Mandalla 2

wpe142.jpg (30576 bytes)  wpe144.jpg (53556 bytes)

            Andean Vision                            Agartha


wpe146.jpg (39528 bytes)      wpe147.jpg (42845 bytes)

       Pillar of Fire                         Rainbow Fire Cloud


wpe14D.jpg (99821 bytes)       wpe14E.jpg (131003 bytes)

Grassland Mandalla III        Glass Ball Mandalla


wpe154.jpg (84477 bytes)         wpe157.jpg (48392 bytes)

         Waterfall Scape                   Grassland Mandalla 1a


wpe159.jpg (76886 bytes)

Forest Sanctuary Russet (large)


wpe140.jpg (45979 bytes)   wpe14A.jpg (66941 bytes)

             Snow Pagoda                 Fire Lake Mandalla


wpe151.jpg (67608 bytes)        wpe152.jpg (66845 bytes)

Space Mandalla 2b            Space Mandalla 2a


wpe1B2.jpg (25672 bytes)   wpe1B3.jpg (26133 bytes)

     Wave Garden I                 Wave Garden III


wpe1BE.jpg (17300 bytes)     wpe1C8.jpg (56105 bytes)

             Crystal Dome                      Soul Excavations


wpe1C3.jpg (37250 bytes)

Garden Path


wpe1C7.jpg (21030 bytes)



     wpe222.jpg (43076 bytes)           wpe21B.jpg (43835 bytes)

           Shale Pool II                          Shale Pool III



   wpe11F.jpg (60775 bytes)           wpe120.jpg (63063 bytes)

    Alignment                            Star Temple


wpe122.jpg (63976 bytes)       wpe123.jpg (16995 bytes)

     Island Temple               Apolinaire

    wpe124.jpg (27883 bytes)             wpe125.jpg (19680 bytes)

Submerged Violet                    Golden Eye

wpe126.jpg (20939 bytes)          wpe127.jpg (49956 bytes)

            Trinity                                    Sanctuary


wpe12C.jpg (66582 bytes)            wpe12D.jpg (55116 bytes)

Ram Mandalla Violet               Ram Mandalla II


wpe12E.jpg (51389 bytes)     wpe12F.jpg (28593 bytes)

              The Reef                        Follicle Mandalla I

    wpe130.jpg (31304 bytes)                wpe134.jpg (32145 bytes)

  Yellow Tulip Mandalla                    Fucia Flame


wpe136.jpg (31173 bytes)  wpe216.jpg (42262 bytes)

      Snow Temple Sanctuary             Shale Pool III


 wpe13B.jpg (38959 bytes)         wpe13C.jpg (40612 bytes)

Aqua Cloud Mandalla       Orange Cloud Mandalla


wpe13F.jpg (87086 bytes)      wpe141.jpg (94292 bytes)

  Cotton Mandalla 3           Cotton Mandalla 4


wpe143.jpg (38309 bytes) wpe145.jpg (25300 bytes)

            Temple Vision                  Violet Eye Cloud


    wpe148.jpg (94249 bytes)           wpe149.jpg (79514 bytes)

          Turtle Doves                  Grassland Mandalla I


wpe150.jpg (50521 bytes)     wpe153.jpg (44930 bytes)

     Water Space Ship                 Purple Star Sunset


wpe156.jpg (48718 bytes)

Lotus Bloom


wpe15A.jpg (86065 bytes)

Forest Sanctuary Magenta (large)


  wpe14B.jpg (44978 bytes)               wpe14C.jpg (42988 bytes)

Blue Crystal Mandalla                Gold Crystal Mandalla


wpe15B.jpg (55989 bytes)          wpe1A0.jpg (35014 bytes)

       Fire Flower                         Raspberry Waterfall


wpe1AA.jpg (48423 bytes)        wpe1AB.jpg (20249 bytes)

        Shale Hut                              Purple Mecca  


wpe1C0.jpg (18727 bytes)  wpe1C4.jpg (64477 bytes)

           Wave Garden B                      Yamashu 1


wpe1C1.jpg (37127 bytes)   wpe1C9.jpg (53939 bytes)

           Pool of Colors                     Golden Waterfalls


wpe1C2.jpg (20879 bytes)   wpe1CA.jpg (39114 bytes)

          Hidden Waterfall               Under Water Lotus

In the Artist's Words

"The more I am connected to the truth and the love within me,  the more these qualities are apparent in the outer expressions of my art and my life, and the more I experience my body as an instrument of the Divine.  The greatest art happens when I step out of the way, surrender and let the Divine move my hand on the page.  When Divine Love is the guiding force, beauty emerges.   May I always express the infinite beauty of Divine love through this bodily instrument." 

With Love,



Dafna's Art is a journey into other realms to remind us about our multidimensional nature.  It is the vastness of our being that is operating in many dimensions simultaneously, absent any linear movement of past, present, or future, as all things happen at once.  It is a glimpse, a reminder, of who we really are, without limitation and with all possibilities at hand.  It is the feeling of a child exploring the world with wonder and awe, as each thing is known for the very first time.   A surrealist by nature, Dafna works in many schools of thought and many different mediums.  The pieces depicted at The InterSpiritual Multiplex are from her more recent and experimental series, created in Photoshop using a technique of digital mat painting.

Dafna Mordecai's art is inextricably connected to her own spiritual journey.  Her driving passion is transformation-- personal as well as planetary-- the act of stepping into one's freedom.   She expresses this passion not only through her art but also through her professional work with her spiritual teacher, Ronit Singer, at the Oneness Center in New York City. 

wpe1DD.jpg (19804 bytes)

"Meditation Pool" by Dafna Mordecai



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