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Arts, Science, Consciousness and Transformation

"We must understand, at the most elemental level, that the definitive revolution is the awakening of our species" -- Wayne Teasdale




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"Vision without action is empty.   Action without vision is blind"

"Ideology and opinion divide.  Quest and commitment unite"

--Yasuhiko Kimura



There are many organizations, networks and coalitions worldwide working through arts and science toward world transformation


see information and selections below:


Integral and Spiral Dynamics

Integral and Spiral Dynamics are featured at the Mutliplex on dedicated pages.  See HERE, HERE and HERE

and at and and

wpe109.jpg (9053 bytes) Watch Wilber, Beck and Claire Graves at


Kosmos Journal and Kosmos Community

Kosmos is at the Mutliplex on a dedicated page.   See HERE

and at


Academy for Future Science

Founded by J. J. and Desiree Hurtak, the Academy's goal is to globally assist in the most significant step towards acquiring the educational and scientific tools needed for resolving the problems of non-renewable resources and building a new scientific civilization with a positive future in the Twenty-First Century. To this end, it examines new energy alternatives, methods to improve the global environment, space law, and multiculturalism whereby each country makes efforts applicable to its immediate environment in an attempt to accomplish this goal.


wpe109.jpg (9053 bytes) Watch J. J. Hurtak on video at


Institute of Noetic Sciences

Founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and located in Northern California. IONS conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness— including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition. The Institute maintains a commitment to scientific rigor while exploring phenomena that have been largely overlooked by mainstream science.


wpe109.jpg (9053 bytes) Watch Edgar Mitchell's "Epiphany in Space" at


Quantum Activism

While mainstream science remains materialist, a substantial number of scientists are supporting and developing a paradigm based on the implication of quantum reality and the primacy of consciousness.

Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D, a pioneer of this revolutionary new perspective within science shares with us his vision of the unlimited potential of consciousness as the ground of all being, and how this revelation can actually help us to live better.


wpe109.jpg (9053 bytes) Watch Amit Goswani on video at



WiserEarth, built around the vision of Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest and founder of the Bioneers, is linked from the "Other U.S." page at the Multiplex.

Visit directly at

wpe109.jpg (9053 bytes)  Watch Paul Hawken speak on Blessed Unrest and Wiser Earth at


Cultural Creatives

Growing from Paul Ray's work, and his book Cultural Creatives:  How 50 Million People are Changing the World, "Cultural Creatives" are those persons already creating a new culture. Their message:   "If we could see how promising this creativity is for all of us, if we could know how large their numbers are, many things might follow. These optimistic, altruistic millions might be willing to speak more frankly in public settings and act more directly in shaping a new way of life for our time and the time ahead. They might lead the way toward an Integral Culture.



Vision in Action

Founded by Yasuhiko Kimura, Vision in Action is a driving force behind the movement to restore wholeness and balance to a divided world through creative, integral thinking in areas of personal integrity, business accountability, science, the arts and social endeavors.

Vision in Action holds seminars and programs worldwide and publishes Vision in Action, one of the major journals of the new consciousness and world transformation movements.


wpe109.jpg (9053 bytes) Watch Yasuhiko Kimura on video at


What is Enlightenment Magazine

Pioneers in the world shift movement, EnlightenNext, the publishers of What is Enlightenment magazine, state that they work to inspire leaders, examples, and pathfinders in the emerging field of integral and evolutionary spirituality, and to stand for the ultimate relevance of spiritual enlightenment in our time.  Through an integrated annual cycle of programs and events and award-winning publications, they seek to awaken, connect, and cultivate a global movement of “evolutionaries” — individuals who feel personally responsible for creating the future.


wpeE3.jpg (9099 bytes) Listen to Andrew Cohen on Evolutionary Enlightenment below



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