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Our Music Page

Music we enjoy, from people we know, and to which we point you...

and sacred dance as well...


for the music of Russill Paul, see the video icon at the Russill Paul page HERE

or links at the bottom on this page


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"Truth was the original music" -- Pamela Wilson

"Snow Sanctuary" by Dafna Mordecai

move from this cool to some real energy below, see

"Grassland Mandalla" by Dafna Mordecai


wpe101.jpg (9053 bytes) VIDEO/ AUDIO  of Matthew Santos

AUDIO only

There is plenty more at YouTube



wpeF2.jpg (19131 bytes) AUDIOS of Mudra

Mudra at





wpe101.jpg (9053 bytes) VIDEO/ AUDIO of Willa Bassen/ Bassenettes


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Andrew's Heart
A Place Of My Own
A True Heart
Balls In The Air
Be Free
Coulda Been
Family Reunion
Gettin' It
His Love
I'm Going Nowhere
I Might Say I Love You
In An Instant
Life Is Good
Lovely Lynnie
One More
Pick Up The Phone
Pretty Puppy
Spoken For
Take Me There
Talk To You
The Joy Of It
This Habit
Towards The Light
Whaddya Mean
What I Want
When Darkness Comes
With This Ring


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wpe101.jpg (9053 bytes) Watch Estaryia performances at

Choose from a list of 14 SEQUENCIAL VIDEOS at:


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"Change of Leaves Mandalla" by Dafna Mordecai

Matthew Santos


We first heard Matt, now famous from his work with Lupe Fiasco, sing when still a student a Columbia College, Chicago.  He came with Gorakh Hayashi to both the Bro. Wayne tribute event in Austin, Texas in 2005 and to the   Aspen Grove "Rosendale 1" gathering.  We're pleased to see he has since became quite famous with the Lupe Fiasco albums, their world tours, and his own burgeoning career.

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Mudra (Marjorie Lipari)

A member of our Interspiritual community and an ordained Interfaith Minister, Mudra (Marjorie Lipari) has an impressive Broadway resume including being a principal in the original cast of HAIR.  Continuing her work as a composer and performer, Mudra performs not only professionally but across a wide range of venues aiding the world shift and consciousness movements. 

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Mudra performing at the HAIR reunion


Willa Bassen



Another member of our Interspiritual community, Willa (and her band "The Bassenettes") perform across a wide range of New York City venues.  Willa has worked with Keith Richards, Run-DMC, Rick Finch of K.C. and the Sunshine Band and Harry Connick, Jr. She has composed music for the John Water's film, "Hairspray", ABC and NBC Sports, the Olympics, and the critically acclaimed independent film, "Spanking the Monkey".   She has had two releases as an artist on President Records, "I'm Going Nowhere" and "Gotta Go-Go"

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Willa Bassen


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"Grassland Mandalla" by Dafna Mordecai





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Estaryia (aka Estara) is an author, speaker, sound and movement educator, sacred dance artist, motion coach and sound consultant for theatre, film & video, choreographer, vocal ceremonialist, recording artist and intuitive channel.

For over 15 years her performances, compelling speeches, articles and workshops have brought the power of healing through harmonics and motion to a wide, diverse audience.

Estaryia’s range of talents and interests inspire her to teach and present breakthrough sound healing programs to corporations, health-care centers, spas and conferences; as well as to choreograph, produce and perform in multi-media sound and dance extravaganzas.   

In recent years Estaryia has teamed with cultural and spiritual groups worldwide to create dynamic programs and tours including sacred music, dance, movement practice and the exploration of sound and sound healing.   A long time friend of the ISDnA community, Estaryia joined friends of Bro. Wayne for the 2005 Tribute Event in Austin, Texas.



--Russill Paul--

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for the music of Bro. Wayne's friend Russill Paul, see the video icon at the Russill Paul Multiplex Page HERE and links below.  Also visit:

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Nearly twenty musical tracks, and free audio and video capsules are offered at Russill's website; the tracks have been arranged and sequenced to allow a deeper understanding of The Yoga of Sound:  



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