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New Initiatives







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 United Nations’ NGO Forum 21 Institute Initiative


Kurt is pleased to be part of the Steering Committee of the Forum 21 Initiative, an association of dozens of spiritual-, values, and ethics- based United Nations NGO’s working together for a host of global values and ethics centered goals, not the least of which are the millennial Sustainable Development Goals.   

As scientist and interspiritual leader, kurt is welcomes the opportunity to be working with this group  

In 2014 eight Forum 21 and Interspiritual leaders will travel together throughout June to provide a programs on the challenges of our current global shift.  See the schedules at




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Events, Programs and Retreats co-facilitated with Karuna (


Beginning in 2014, Kurt will be joining kundalini yogini Karuna for a number of events, programs and retreats worldwide.  Karuna is a truly gifted teacher trained in general yoga and Kundalini Yoga (thru masters of the Sikh tradition, Yogi Bhajan and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa) and an expert on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.  Kurt will be combining his programs on The Coming Interspiritual Age, silence, meditation and deep dialogue with Karuna’s masteries of yoga and wellness.


  December 13-20, 2014


  "Look Both Ways”

Balancing the Essential Elements of Spiritual Life and Living


See details of this exciting (and relaxing) retreat at



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The Global Happiness Initiative and Milton’s Secret Feature Film

Kurt is happy to join others, including Karuna and many from the Forum 21 Initiative noted below, for the board of the global Happiness Initiative

and the national Happiness Conference


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Also, as a Namaste Publishing author, kurt will be working with Karuna regarding the themes of the Eckhart Tolle book Milton’s Secret and the upcoming feature film of this book involving Barnet Bain and Transformational Entertainment (


Watch for short articles about the themes of the book and film, by Karuna, at Facebook and across a host of interspiritual and transformational newsletter and magazine venues.




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"Hidden Waterfall" by Dafna Mordecai






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