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You've Landed

Now what's that about?



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"We feel the semblance of an order-- that which has arranged this rendevous"  from Wallace Stevens

"What has brought us here, we know not.  What lies ahead, we know not.  But we press ahead by God's grace"   from the explorer John Wesley Powell

"Sitting quietly, knowing that absolutely nothing else is necessary"  Pamela Wilson



What has brought you here? 

And what can this mean for you?  What is the conversation and who is having it?  What are the generations, cultural contexts and varieties of inner experience melding in today's world?

Can an older generation be more fruitfully replaced by a younger one?  Will this new more seamless, techno-savvy generation see the birth of a new awakening of Heart and Consciousness on our planet?  Or will our species "tank"?

These are questions that involve us all.  If you want to follow these threads, read on.

The roots of all of our impressions of reality run deep.  At least 70% of the world lives in the cultural context of stories of Gods, demi-gods, prophets and messiahs.  The rest are convinced there is nothing more than "stuff".  These natural immersions, in both mind and heart, are running side by side with an awakening concerning unity, interconnection and planetary (if not universal) consciousness-- who we are as one species, on one planet, with a common origin and common destiny.


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"The reason we are here is to meet"-- Teilhard de Chardin


above, "Blue Crystal Mandalla"

below, "Fucia Blue Reflecting Pool"  by Dafna Mordecai

[continued from left column]

This unfolding in the inner, and subjective, experience of  human beings has persisted in spite of every tendency for a more externally dominated experience-- of power, wealth or materialism.  

The search for the inner understand that will "suffice" is universal, and, when it finds a maturity and blossoming it also naturally is moved to reach out as activism, transformation-- Hope.  

The Great Wisdom Traditions-- the actual maturity, wisdom and ethic of this accumulated human experience form a reservoir of potent resource.

If there was any key mistake in the history of these traditions it was they they did not talk to each other.  More deeply, they did not experience each other.  As a result the species has lacked an intersubjective discussion-- the "interspiritual" dialogue, the indispensable inter-experiencial understanding. 

That being so, modern science and modern materialism mostly abandoned this seasoned reservoir of human experience, considering it irrelevant.

From this imbalance between a humanity centered on Heart and Consciousness and a runaway technological world centered on ego and competition comes our imperiled planet:  conflict over resources, conflict over religious identities, national and cultural identities, and destruction of the environment.

The current call of Consciousness and Heart, indeed the Planet (Gaia) itself, is a call to rebalancing.  And, a major part of this rebalancing must start with the interspiritual-- the intersubjective-- discussion among all human experiences.


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So, where might you have landed?

Click HERE to read a short piece on "starting places" on the interspiritual journey-- what is Interfaith?, Trans-traditional Spirituality?, InterSpiritualty?, and Awakening?




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