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Brother Wayne Teasdale

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Exploring Brother Wayne Teasdale

Bro. Wayne and Interspirituality:

Brother Wayne originally coined the term "Interspirituality" in his now classic book The Mystic Heart:   Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World's Religions in 1999. 

To give some historical perspective on the word, when Bro. Wayne, with friends Gorakh Hayashi, Kurt Johnson and others presented a session on Interspirituality the first day of 2004's Parliament of the World's Religions in Barcelona, Spain, few had heard the word.

Now, if you "Google" Interspirituality you find hundreds of entries.  Since its inception in 2005, ISDnA's website has had the largest archive of Brother Wayne related mateials on the web. 

Below is a guide, and links, to all our Brother Wayne Teasdale resources:



Complete Links to All Publications/Articles of Brother Wayne Available on the Web:

Click on "External Links" in the "About Wayne" section just above.

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Brother Wayne with Fr. Bede Giffiiths as Shantivanum Christian/Hindu ashram in India


The Universal Order of Sannyasa (now known as the Community of The Mystic Heart)

As is well-known, one of the primary vehicles for the growth and nurturing of InterSpirituality envisioned by Brother Wayne was The Universal Order of Sannyasa.  Bro. Wayne saw the Order as a place for persons sharing this unfolding vision to gather together and support the expanding work associated with this prophetic vision.

To read more about this vision and the Universal Order of Sannyasa see it's page at the Multiplex and its website or

For more on Wayne and Interspiritual Dialogue you are referred to the wealth of materials at  much of which is linked on this Multiplex page in the categorized links just above.


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Brother Wayne Teasdale

Interspiritual Pioneer and Founding Counselor of ISDnA

After the publication of The Mystic Heart in 1999 Brother Wayne soon met most of the founders, with him, of Inter- spiritual Dialogue.   After a meeting in New York City with Brother Wayne in 2002, the decision was made to actualize Wayne's dream of an "association" which could lead, among other things, to his wider vision of the Universal Order of Sannyasa (UOS).  UOS was envisioned by Wayne as a fundamental "structure" to help carry and nuture the growing vision of interspirituality (see below, left). 

Because of the close connections of many in this original community to the UN NGO Community (see UN NGO Community page at the "New York hub" of the Multiplex) it was decided to found Interspiritual Dialogue within a UN NGO.  This required incorporation.  So, in 2002, the original circle of persons working in New York and Chicago with Brother Wayne incorporated "InterSpiritual Dialogue (ISD)" and founded its first website at (now replaced).  ISD's sponsor NGO at the UN has since been the National Service Conference of the American Ethical Union (see Multiplex "New York hub", UN NGO Community). 

After Bro. Waynes transition in 2004 and through the "Tribute Event to Brother Wayne" at The Crossings, Ausin, Texas, in 2005, ISD was subsumed by the international ISDnA, although the original New York religious corporation still underpins its work.  A new website, was established through the generous help of Wayne's friend Aaron Froehlich at IKON Digital Studios, now in Ithaca, New York.  You can read further about the history of ISD and ISDnA, and its work, through the links below.



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Brother Wayne (center) and other InterSpiritual Pioneers honored at the 2010 founding of the Universal Order of Sannyasa


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Pertinent Recent Resources about Brother Wayne Teasdale by ISDnA Founders

Read Articles, Comments, and Remembrances about Brother Wayne (and his relationship with ISDnA and others) by Kurt Johnson and Gorakh Hayashi here.   Read also Russill Paul's Eulogy at Brother Wayne's Memorial Service here.


Gorakh Hayashi and Kurt Johnson on Brother Wayne's prophetic vision in Vision in Action: (scroll down to Hayashi and Johnson)

Gorakh Hayashi's extensive memorial piece about Brother Wayne delivered at the Tribute Event in 2005.  Reprinted from The Crossings HERE

Gorakh Hayashi on his meeting Bro. Wayne and the founding of ISDnA.   From at:

Kurt Johnson on Brother Wayne's understanding of InterSpirituality, Interfaith etc.  Reprinted from The One Spirit Journal HERE.

Kurt Johnson on Brother Wayne, Ken Wilber and Wayne's relationship to the Integral vision. HERE

Kurt Johnson on his meeting Bro. Wayne and the founding of ISDnA. From at:


Russill Paul    Memorial Service Eulogy for Brother Wayne Teasdale.



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