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Awakened Life

Ellen Friedman

interspiritual minister, counselor, nature mystic, Wiccan elder and Kundalini yoga teacher

Austin, Texas



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Awakened Life is the outcome of uniting inner and outer journeys. It is the life work of Ellen Friedman, a member of the ISDnA Forum. 

The inner journey begins with consciousness and the practice of looking within our selves.   This is the essential foundation of enlightened mind. The journey continues with the practice of looking within all of Nature and observing one of the most elegant truths about reality: Interconnectedness.

Everything in this interdependent system has an independent, inherent worth; by following this principle we awaken our hearts and expand our compassion and love to all beings. An awakened mind and heart obligates us to enlightened action.

Stewardship is the outer journey, action grounded in the awareness of interdependence. As stewards we are obligated to the care and keeping of all that represents the principle of interconnectedness-- above all, the respect of dignity and the sanctity of all life. Stewards choose actions that nourish health and minimize harm.  

Uniting the inner and outer journeys manifests Spirit with an intention, transforming the world. Grace is the emergent reality of this journey, the realization of enlightened mind, heart and action.

A great tragedy continues to unfold, threatening the survival of our own species and that of many other beings.  And yet much of humanity continues sleeping. It is time to awaken. If not now, when? 

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                                                            What is an Awakened Life?

  • An Inner Journey – Enlightened Mind and Heart
  • An Outer Journey – Enlightened Action
  • A Gracepoint

Our goal is to awaken the teacher within each individual in order to achieve personal and collective transformation. We offer a variety of experiences (experience link) that nurture consciousness, love, interconnectedness and enlightened action. Inner journey support includes spiritual mentoring (mentoring link), meditation, yoga, transformative ritual, and salons (deep dialogue). Experiences that support the outer journey and enlightened action include workshops on stewardship (link to Charles work), the formation of commons trusts, and the formal consensus process.

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Links at Awakened Life






Charles’ work on stewardship

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General Information

For more general information about Awakened Life and upcoming events, see


Rev. Ellen C. Friedman, MA, LPC (see bio link above) is founder and CEO of Awakened Life.  Ellen is an interspiritual minister, professional counselor, nature mystic, Wiccan elder and Kundalini yoga teacher in Austin, TX. She is in the initial stages of creating Gracepoint Commons, an interspiritual sacred space and center for enlightened action.  Ellen can be contacted at "Contact" link above.

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"Forest Sanctuary" by Dafna Mordecai



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