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About Us

and the Multiplex-- ISDnA Information and Contact

all of our information-- who we are, contact coordinates, associates, governance, legal and tax etc. you'll find below the reflecting pool

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"Fucia Blue Reflecting Pool" by Dafna Mordecai


wpe65.jpg (2022 bytes) InterSpiritual Dialogue 'n Action (ISDnA est. 2002 with Brother Wayne, initially as InterSpiritual Dialogue, ISD).  ISDnA is your host at the Multiplex and its website is the Multiplex "Maingate".  The "Maingate" also contains all the content of the original ISDnA website, including the extensive archives and materials about Brother Wayne's vision and work.  Your host at the Multiplex "Visitor's Center" is the Broadband Contemplative Alliances Network (, est. 2004), another name reserved by ISD during the period of its work with Bro. Wayne and now linked as   The 501(c)(3) qualified not-for-profit religious association behind the network remains the original InterSpiritual Dialogue (ISD) formed with Bro. Wayne in 2002.   It's original incorporators, Drs. Kurt Johnson and Tom Downes, and Martha Gallahue (the latter both also of the UN NGO Commitee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns) remain, along with representation from the One Spirit Seminary and Learning Alliance in New York City, ISDnA's education partner.  This includes Revs. Michael Pergola, Karen Watt and Diane Berke.  The logo, of ongoing unfolding, and original website were designed and are maintained by Aaron Froehlich, a volunteer and friend of Bro. Wayne.  The Multiplex and Visitors Center were designed and are maintained by Kurt Johnson.   Contact is Kurt Johnson at and/or the registered business address, 135 Eastern Parkway 7G, Brooklyn, New York 11238-6024.  See Disclaimer and General Statement at bottom of page.


ISDnA (as InterSpiritual Dialogue, Inc., est. 2002) is qualified to receive donations as a tax-exempt 501c3 Religious Corporation.  Query the administrator as noted below or write to Dr. Kurt Johnson, 135 Eastern Parkway, Suite 7G, Brooklyn, NY 11238-6024, ISDnA's registered business address.


Multiplex Contact:


wpe65.jpg (35422 bytes) The pyramid image, often shown with an ascending column of light, is from the work of our artist Dafna Mordecai and is variously used as a symbol for the Multiplex.   As a triune figure, tt has many meanings across the world's traditions.  The similarity of this triangular figure with light ascending to the logo of one of our most linked associate sites, Namaste, was a completely 'accidental' synchronicity as both sites were in development. 


Some Historical Mentors We Honor

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Left to Right, and below:  Founding Honorary "InterSpiritual Sages" (from up left, right and down-- Bede Griffiths, Huston Smith, Wayne Teasdale, Thomas Keating, Alison Davis); note of good wishes from H. H. the 12th Qyalwang Drukpa to Kurt Johnson; note of good wishes from Huston Smith to Tim Miner; historical note about David S. C. Kim, an Asian interfaith pioneer.


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Answers to Questions about the InterSpiritual Multiplex

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Key Participants in the InterSpiritual Multiplex Team

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Left to Right:  Originators of ISD:  Bro. Wayne Teasdale, Kurt Johnson, Tom Downes, Martha Gallahue (the original incorporators of ISD [in New York 2002] with Bro. Wayne as "Founding Counselor" as he was not a NY resident); Diane Berke, Michael Pergola, Karen Watt of One Spirit Interfaith (the Educational Partner and the additional current Board Members of ISD); Tim Miner, Jean Leone (co-founders with ISDnA of the Universal Order of Sannyasa, a participating community in their Order of Universal Interfaith).  After the Sannyasa founding (and recognition of the "Sages" [Alison Davis was able to attend in person] Tim Miner visited Huston Smith and Kurt Johnson visited Fr. Thomas Keating for additional advice and counsel on the expansion of the Bro. Wayne work.

For photos of the organizers of ISDnA after Wayne's transition see

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How were teachers, organizations and networks chosen for the Multiplex? 

Our basic criterion was a historical relationship with Brother Wayne or with his work as it has unfolded since ISD was founded in 2002 (becoming ISDnA in 2005).  This included not only friends and associates in the growing Interspiritual work worldwide but persons, organizations and networks we have become associated with who represent either InterSpirituality, Sacred Activism (as in Wayne's A Monk in the World 2003) or the World Shift work inherent in spiritual awakening.  Accordingly, our selection is not exhaustive but, rather, represents those with some relationship to Brother Wayne, his legacy, and the work that continues to unfold from it.  We continue to discover such groups, so let us know about you!



The citation of any organization or person at the InterSpiritual Multiplex, or inclusion therein of any materials thereof, does not constitute an endorsement or that organization or teacher or their teachings or activities for legal purposes, nor does inclusion at the InterSpiritual Multiplex of any citations whose contents criticize any organization or person constitute the position of ISD Inc. itself for legal purposes.  The purpose of all citations and content at the InterSpiritual Multiplex is solely to inform and let the readers evaluate such content for themselves.   InterSpiritual Dialogue Inc. (aka InterSpiritual Dialogue 'n Action, ISDnA) est. 2002.


InterSpiritual Dialogue 'n Action (ISDnA, est. 2002) & Broadband Contemplative Alliances Network (, est. 2004) with Brother Wayne. Multiplex Maingate is; Multiplex Visitors Center is   All rights reserved for original materials first published here; thanks to many associates for linked and associated materials.  ISDnA's educational partner is One Spirit Interfaith (, ISDnA is a founding member of The Order of Universal Interfaith (OUnI, World Council of Interfaith Congregations (WCIC,, The Coalition for OneVoice ( and the Universal Order of Sannyasa (originally envisioned by Bro. Wayne,  Administrator Contact