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Aspen Grove

The Colorado "Hub" Page

InterSpirituality at Aspen and Colorado Springs

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The Aspen Grove

The Aspen Grove hosts gatherings which support the shared conviction that there is an underlying unity that connects the rich diversity of human cultures, societies, and religions.

The Aspen Grove's purpose in holding the gatherings is to facilitate an experience of dedication and commitment to all of life and in turn be inspired to continue serving our world, individually and collectively, through compassionate action.

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Spiritual Paths

Spiritual Paths community and institute explores and cultivates the wisdom of the world’s profound contemplative traditions, offering retreat programs, a two-year certificate course in InterSpiritual Wisdom, and other media for cultivating the wisdom, values, and practices to engage today's critical issues. 

By encouraging InterSpirituality it means to increase spiritual creativity emerging from the meeting of, and dialogue between, the world's major spiritual traditions.  This unity provides the common ground from which spiritual diversity flowers.

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Presence International

Working out of Colorado Springs, Presence International is a Trans-Traditional, Post Christian website, blog and community looking to the most modern understandings of the Christian heritage and the Abrahamic faiths.  It offers perspectives on Christianity,  the Abrahamic traditions and Biblical Christian understanding in the context of Integral Theory (Wilber) and Spiral Dynamics (Don Beck) and the interspiritual vision.  

Based on solid traditional understandings of Christian and other western heritages, Presence seeks to explore the vision of Interspirituality as it unfolds today in the direction of an emerging global and universal spirituality.

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  "Snow Temples I & II" and "Snow Temple Sanctuary" by Dafna Mordecai

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