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Detail "Forest Sanctuary" by Dafna Mordecai

"Consciousness-- in the act of finding what will sufficefrom Wallace Stevens

"This is not a world made for imagery or belief-- too wide, too big"   from Wallace Stevens

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the difficulty is discovering them"       Galileo

"The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes"  Proust




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For the SEARCH page or SEARCH FORM, click here (SEARCH) or (SEARCH FORM) or click SEARCH at upper left of this page.

The SEARCH page, which guides to the SEARCH FORM is designed to let you search by Key Words, Key Phrases, Themes, Geographic Areas and the structure of the Multiplex itself.  It also takes you to the SEARCH engines of our associate sites, Namaste, Stillness Speaks and Spirituality and Practice

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There were those, from out of the wilderness of stars who would have wanted more...

...who would have cried out to step barefoot into reality-- from Wallace Stevens




Here's how--

The Multiplex is organized in Themes, Geographic Hubs, Special Sections, and Service Sections.  It includes written materials, audios and videos

Links to all central sections appear on every page-- just click on them.  The Directory below tells you some things about these major sections



LAND-- What has brought you here and what can this mean for you?  What is the conversation about?   Dig deeper.

BROWSE-- Now that you've landed, take a look around; use our Directories and Search engines.

EXPLORE-- Explore doorways and paths; see what "hooks" you.  What flavor, what tone, what color?  The Multiplex had multiple ways for you to explore-- and then dig deeper.

LEARN-- Learn more about what you've explored.  Utilize audio, video, written materials and links to Long Distance Learning programs.

EXPERIENCE-- Learning is one thing, but what about experience?  What programs are out there for you to experience all this first hand?



NEW YORK-- Interspirituality in the New York region: programs, events, teachers, networks, coalitions.

CHICAGO-- Interspirituality in the Chicago area:   programs, events, teachers.

AUSTIN-- Interspirituality in the Austin area: centers, programs, teachers.

ASPEN-- Interspirituality at Aspen:  events, programs, teachers, centers.

CALIFORNIA & WEST COAST-- Interspirituality in the California and west coast region:  centers, programs, teachers, events.

WASHINGTON, BALTIMORE AREA-- Interspirituality in the Washington, Baltimore region:  centers, programs, teachers, events.

OTHER U.S.-- Interspiritual programs, centers, teachers, elsewhere in the United States.

WORLD & WORLD GROUPS-- Interspiritual programs around the world.



BRO. WAYNE TEASDALE-- the extensive materials on Brother Wayne and his legacy at

ASSOCIATE SITES-- who do we share energy with on this journey?  who has inspired us further?  Check out Namaste, Stillness Speaks and Spirituality and Practice.

UNIVERSAL ORDER OF SANNYASA-- follow the development of Wayne's dream for this service and life-practice network now know at the Community of The Mystic Heart.

INTEGRAL-- announces Integral Mentoring and Ministry program in New York City and integral Spirituality Nexus; indexes sections of the Multiplex involving Integral (Ken Wilber's work) and provides website directories for Integral Institute and The Integral Multiplex.

YOUTH-- a section for younger people by younger people, in process.

MUSIC AND SACRED DANCE-- music and dance that inspires us and we point you to.

POETRY-- our spiritual poetry portal.

ARTS & SCIENCE-- the arts and the sciences in this world transformation process.

OUR ARTIST-- like our artwork? find out more about Dafna Mordecai and see her work larger and clearer from thumbnails.



SHARED STORE-- pointing you to programs and products and can serve your exploration.

BLOG-- share your own experiences, opinions and views.

NEWS & EVENTS-- what the latest in the ISDnA network and among our many friends?

ABOUT US-- further information about ISDnA:  governance, who's who, contact etc.

SCHEDULES--  ISDnA-related schedules, including Kurt Johnson's general schedule.

ARCHIVES-- the home of many of the embedded articles you will read here.

INTERSPIRITUAL PIONEER PHOTOGRAPHS-- contributed photos of many important interspiritual pioneers.


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"Forest Santuary" series by Dafna Mordecai



Highlights wpe19A.jpg (1442 bytes) Highlights

If you're thinking in specific categories try these highlights--


Looking for Spiritual Teachers, Consciousness and Thought Leaders in free downloads, videos and audios?

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Looking for Long Distance Learning Programs in free downloads, videos and audios?

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Looking for Cutting Edge Organizations, Networks and Coalitions in free downloads, videos and audios?

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Looking for Programs in Specific Geographic Regions in free downloads, videos and audios?  For complete geographic list see "Geographic Hubs" at Directory or links at top of every Multiplex main page

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Looking for what "InterSpirituality" is in free downloads, videos and audios?

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