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Spiritual But Not Religious

What is InterSpirituality?

We created this page just in case you asked-- before you even looked around...

see "Garden Path" by Dafna Mordecai, at bottom

(May your spiritual journey be such!)


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"The human species is a curious one; in the absence of a good story about itself, it will settle for a bad one" from Bertrand Russill

"In a nutshell Interspirituality means that when you have entered the world of the Heart, the question of who is right or wrong with regard to belief or creed is pretty much irrelevant"   Wayne Teasdale

"Interspiritual dialogue can underpin a new kind of inter-religious dialogue"   Wayne Teasdale




The entire Multiplex is about "Interspirituality" but you may have asked about it before you got started looking around.  There is a slightly longer explanation of the difference between Interspirituality and Interfaith HERE.  Or maybe you want the short answer. 

In at nutshell conventional "Interfaith" is a discussion amongst the myriad organized religions of the world with a mind to promoting dialogue, tolerance and peace.  A somewhat deeper level of spirituality (and a welcoming heart) brings one to a "Trans-traditional Spirituality".  Here one recognizes the abundant riches of all the world's spiritual experiences and traditions.  But one may still be concerned about "who's  'right'?"

Digging deeper, the meditative, mystical and contemplative life (the life of Consciousness) inevitably leads one to discover that, EXPERIENTIALLY, the deepest realization of all beings is the same.  It is one that transcends ideas, beliefs or concepts but also includes them all.  It is about profound interconnectedness and, in that, loss of the experience of separation.  In short, it is the world of the Heart--  unconditional love.  Here we see everything else truly as ourselves.  The idea of "who is right" becomes irrelevant.  

This shared experience is the Heart of InterSpirituality.  Accordingly, it is closely linked to historical terms like "Awakening" and "Enlightenment" (though it may be understood just mentally at first and then must deepen into the primordial Consciousness and Heart).   Its nature is to be lived and embodied fully. 

Although this realization has permeated the journey in Consciousness throughout history, it is now more common.  And, a profound implication has also emerged more strongly in recent years.  This is the inherent relationship of Interspirituality to the Heart's desire that all things manifest and reflect this dream.  This is what has manifested the world transformation movement.

History of the word "Interspiritual":  

Bro. Wayne coined the word "interspiritual" in his classic book The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World's Religions in 1999.   The original spelling was "interspiritual" and, later, as Bro. Wayne's work expanded, he also began using InterSpiritual for "branding" purposes (probably because it had  a bit more "pizzaz" and was  a distinctive spelling).  However, he also continued using the spelling "interspiritual" in discussion texts.  When the network, InterSpiritual Dialogue ( was founded (2002) the word on the legal documents (regarding the name) was InterSpiritual, with the word interspiritual also used in text parts of that document.  As the word got used verbally more and more around the world, other people started spelling it like it sounded, leading to the other spellings "inter-spiritual" and "inter spiritual".  .



FOUNDATIONAL SOURCES for InterSpirituality


by Kurt Johnson and David Robert Ord will appear from Namaste Publishing in fall/winter 2012.  This is comprehensive new guide to interspirituality, already endorsed by over thirty leaders across the world's spiritual and transformational communities.

  Watch for the new website

and see fall/winter 2012

also see this

Foundational article on The Heart of Brother Wayne Teasdale's Vision of InterSpiritual Age by

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kurtjohnson2.jpg (4408 bytes) Kurt Johnson

colleagues and friends of Brother Wayne and founders with him, and others, of  ISDnA linked HERE:


FOUNDATIONAL SOURCES for InterSpiritual Education

There are many books we recommend, by folk both in men's and women's bodies but, by circumstance, the following have been key in the early evolution of the interspiritual vision as developed and taught:

The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World's Religions by Wayne Teasdale

The Coming Interspiritual Age by Kurt Johnson and David Robert Ord (winter 2012)

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Integral Spirituality by  Ken Wilber

Spiral Dynamics  by Don Beck

Global Mind Change by Willis Harman

Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken

Bede Griffiths:   an Introduction to his Interspiritual Thought  by Wayne Teadale

A Monk in the World by Wayne Teasdale

InterSpiritual Pioneers photo archive HERE.



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"Garden Path" by Dafna Mordecai



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