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--at the InterSpiritual Multiplex--


Watch for updates on the new Integral Mentoring and Ordination Program at One Spirit Learning Alliance and Seminary in New York City with Lynne Feldman and Joanne Rubin ( CLICK on "Integral Mentoring and Ministry")


the integral Spirituality Nexus created as a Participating Community with the Order of Universal Interfaith and its other communities-- Community of The Mystic Heart/ Universal Order of Sannyasa

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Early feedback to the InterSpiritual Multiplex suggested that, with all our references to Integral and the work of Ken Wilber, we should create one page indexing all the sections that emphasize the importance of Integral to the interspiritual journey.

We've done better than that.  We've also included, directly below, links to the index pages of both the Integral Institute and Integral Multiplex websites.



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Integral Institute Directory:


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Integral Multiplex Directory:



Integral Sections within the InterSpiritual Multiplex :


Integral Institute at the InterSpiritual Multiplex "Interspirituality in the United States" page ["Other U.S." icon]; this includes Integral Heart with Terry Patten and Deborah Boyar; and iEvolve with Diane Hamilton (these three also at Contemporary Resources) click HERE.

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Integral Institute and Spiral Dynamics Integral at the InterSpiritual Multiplex "Arts, Science and World Transformation" page, click HERE.

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Integral in New York City at the InterSpiritual Multiplex "New York hub" page (includes NY Ken Wilber Meetup (Barbara Larisch, Steve Nadel), New York Integral(Lynne Feldman Joanne Rubin), Integral Psych New York(Joanne Rubin), and Integral at One Spirit (Kurt Johnson, Michael Pergola), click HERE.

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Integral and Spiral Dyanmics Integral at the "World Groups" page, click HERE.


Spiral Dynamics Integral Directory:



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