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Natural Wakefulness

Integral in New York

Programs in New York centered on the work and vision of Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber Meetup, New York Integral, Integral at One Spirit,  Integral Psych New York, including information, videos, links etc.




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"Crystalline Mandallas" (and details) by Dafna Mordecai


New York Ken Wilber Meetup

The New York Ken Wilber Meetup Group is hosted by Barbara Larisch with the help of a number of others in a community comprising some 300  adepts of the Wilber integral vision.  They host monthly discussion groups and also special events.  New York Ken Wilber Meetup can be reached at the

New York Ken Wilber Meetup Website: where there is a broad array of data on their vision and  programs,

or email Barbara (photo at left) at

Monthly discussions groups held in downtown Manhattan focus on all aspects of Ken Wilber's integral vision and also Don Beck's spiral dynamics.  Joining the Meetup Group brings you regular information on monthly or special meetings. 

The Meetup Group has also cooperated with the other New York integral groups below in bringing to New York such representatives of Integral Institute as Terry Patten, Deborah Boyar, Diane Hamilton, Jay Michaelson and others, often hosted at One Spirit's westside facilities (see One Spirit at the New York hub at Integral at One Spirit, below). 

See more on Terry Patten, Deborah Boyar and Diane Hamilton at Integral Institute on the "Other U.S." page.

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Ken Wilber


New York Integral

New York Integral (NYI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to furthering the work begun by philosopher of consciousness, Ken Wilber.  It's principal facilitators are Lynne Feldman and Joanne Rubin, long term associates of Ken and Integral Institute (for their bio's see bottom of this Integral page).  They, Robin Reinach, and other members of the wider New York integral community, cooperate to facilitate this program.  NYI’s vision is to support personal, relationship, and professional growth, through workshops, classes, and consultations.   As on 2010 New York Integral is joining with One Spirit Learning Alliance in a broader vision for Integral work in New York City and the region.

New York Integral also has as a goal to provide direct integral experiences by which to teach and embody the Integral model, so that one can apply it to any area of life.   The practices that NYI provides are more than intellectual exercises. They serve to enrich and illuminate the often-complex Integral theoretical underpinnings in ways that can be applied to every career field, to relationships both public and private and to ourselves as conscious beings. New York Integral can be at the 

New York Integral Website(s): and

wpe9B.jpg (9099 bytes) From NYI watch this video by Ken Wilber on Integral and the Three Strands of Deep Science:

Lynne is an educator, lawyer, and writer.  By using Integral theory and practice in a variety of fields, she has assisted hundreds in their search for meaning and in finding their place in the movement towards a new global culture. 

Joanne (see also Integral Psych, below) is a psychologist who has pioneered in the application of the integral vision to psychology and is active in this field across a number of contexts in the New York City area.


Integral at One Spirit

Integral at One Spirit centers on courses designed for the One Spirit interfaith seminary community and the wider One Spirit Learning Alliance public programs created by Dr. Kurt Johnson and Michael Pergola (photos below, left).  The initial Integral Spirituality course, based on Wilber's 2006 book by same name was developed through an email correspondence with Ken.  At noted below, this has now developed into a much wider Integral Development curriculum.  In 2010 this will expand to include an elaborate program hosted by Lynne Feldman and Joanne Rubin.

Initially the integral perspective was used in the establishment of the Integral Multifaith and Consciousness Studies programs at One Spirit which are part of the Bro. Wayne -based curriculum in Interspirituality at One Spirit.   The latter also involve Loch Kelly, a teacher of nondual direct path closely associated with Adyashanti and Mingyur Rinpoche.  Since then the integral perspective has been integrated into nearly all aspects of the One Spirit curriculum, including the Conscious Leadership Institute and the InterSpiritual Counseling programs.  This has also involved working relationships with Barbara Larisch, Steve Nadel, Nomi Noeem, Lynne Feldman, Joanne Rubin, Robin Reinach, Gilles Herada, and others of the wider New York integral community.

These curricula at One Spirit can be visited at the

One Spirit Website, Integral Links:

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"Wayne plus Wilber", part of the formula at One Spirit

wpe9B.jpg (9099 bytes) Watch Ken Wilber and Bro. Wayne is discussion of Interspirituality after a short introduction by Kurt Johnson:


Integral Psych New York

Integral Psych New York is short for both psychology and psychotherapy, where psychology includes growth and development, as well as healing from psychological pain.  The psychological work NPNY does has three goals: healing, wholeness, and troth: healing from earlier wounds, wholeness in the sense of oneself, and growth as person and transpersonal evolution through life. 

People are fundamentally happiest when all three components are progressing.  “Integral” also refers to a perspective.  Anything one can think, or feel, comes out of an implicit perspective that each of us take, somewhat unconsciously, in every moment.  It is this experience that we can learn more about, expand, and see more of life.  Expanding consciousness and seeing more provides more freedom and more choices in dealing with everyday life and a send of meaning and value in existence.

Integral Psych New York features the extensive work and outreach of Dr. Joanne Rubin (photo, left) with regard to the implications of the Wilber integral vision on psychology and psychological practice in the New York area.   NYIP can be reached through the

Integral Psych New York Website:

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Logo at

Joanne works closely with Lynne Feldman and more about them and their work is noted directly below.

An interesting link regarding integral psychology, integral education and the Great Wisdom Traditions in their Indian cultural setting can also be found at:

More on Lynne Feldman and Joanne Rubin co-founders of New York Integral:.

Lynne Feldman - Lynne Feldman, M.A., J.D. - Lynne received her BA from Tulane, her MA in Public Law and Government from Columbia, her teaching degree from Fairleigh Dickinson U., and her law degree from Pace Law School. In 2003, Ken Wilber asked Lynne to be Vice Chancellor of Integral University, and she also created the Center for Integral Education at that time. She has presented at international Integral education seminars; taught at Maezumi Institute; presented courses at One Spirit Learning Alliance, and the NY Open Center. Lynne is an Integral Scholar; a contributor to and on the Review Board of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, and is writing a book on Integral education. She has been published in Kosmos Journal, the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, and the New York Times. Her website can be found at

Joanne Rubin - Joanne Rubin, Ph.D., is a psychologist in private practice, where she blends several types of therapy into an Integral model. She received an M.S. in Psychological Services (1974), and a Ph.D. in Education (Counseling) (1980), from Univ. of Pennsylvania. She obtained supervision and certifications in psychodynamic, Gestalt, bioenergetics, and family systems therapy, later adding transpersonal and then Integral supervision, from I-I core faculty. She also earned an M.A. in Consciousness Studies from the Univ. of Philosophical Research (2004). Joanne was a beta-tester for Integral U. (2005), is an occasional peer reviewer for the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, and has written several articles on Integral theory. She presented a paper at the first Integral Theory Conference (2008), entitled, “Sentio Ergo Sum: Toward a Line of Emotional Development”. This paper was chosen for a chapter in an upcoming book based on the conference. She is also teaching at the NY Open Center and One Spirit Learning Alliance. Her website is at


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