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Holistic Australia

another founding member of Bro. Wayne's "InterSpiritual Dialogue"


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"The Reef" by Dafna Mordecai



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Michael Stone, founder of Holistic Australia was also one of the original founders, with Brother Wayne, of InterSpiritual Dialogue. 

Since returning to his home in Australia, Michael has facilitated various holistic health conferences and workshops, while working with HSG and its practitioners to bring health and wellbeing to the workplace. Michael is also a part-time lecturer at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) and at TAFE colleges, where he educates students on how to set up a natural therapies clinic and business planning skills.

The workplace is changing- people are searching for greater purpose and meaning, both in their lives and their careers.  Work / Life Balance (and even spirituality) has become a key driver for a growing number of people.   Value-driven organisations create environments that encourage personal fulfilment, and so attract and retain employees who take greater pride in their work, experience less stress, and are simply more productive.  The new bottom line shows that increased morale, energy and spirit lead to greater productivity.



From the Holistic Australia Website:

Spirituality in the Workplace

"We respect each individual's belief and their right to hold their beliefs sacred and private.  Spirituality - as we define it - has no religious component or preference; it is a way of expressing more humanity.

HSG believes in promoting a model for business that allows people, in their daily work, to remain true to their deepest beliefs.  Many believe that adopting such a model will soon become the only way for companies to make a profit, because it will be the only way for companies to stay creative.  Perpetual innovation offers the only hope of business and personal success, but it thrives only in an atmosphere of trust.  To create that trust, a business must ground everything it does in sustainable values.   People need to believe in what they do for a living before they can tap their deepest creative potential.

Our program provides a way to measure values that are highly prized, including honesty, integrity, creativity, and fairness.

In response to a long overdue need of individuals and companies, spirituality is slowly entering the workplace.  Together, we will demystify spirituality into tangible actions that can be brought into your life and work. 

Expressions of spirituality include:

  • Accessing / Expressing Creativity
  • Identifying and Clarifying Values
  • Use of Humour and Laughter
  • Increasing Self Awareness and Self Knowledge
  • Sustainability in the Workplace
  • Practical Spirituality
  • Storytelling

Tai Chi / Qi Gong

The ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi is designed to improve the flow of Chi, or "life energy" throughout your body.  A smooth flow of this energy results in good health, and in contrast "dis-ease" occurs when the flow is interrupted.   No blockages to Chi flow means an optimal level of health, both physical and mental.

The gentle Tai Chi movements are a form of moving meditation that open your body to the natural flow of energy, and the benefits of Tai Chi are more than simply the benefits of physical exercise.  Tai Chi is great as a relaxation event for staff training days or conferences, or as an extended wellbeing program.

Click here for more about our workplace Tai Chi / Qi Gong classes. 

Woman’s Health & Wisdom

Women’s health is an acknowledgment of the differences between women and men.  It is wisdom focused on women, providing valuable information on complementary medicine and holistic health care.  

Complementary, holistic medicine for women offers the best of both worlds.  Our qualified naturopaths, offering a wealth of clinical expertise and with specialised knowledge of women’s health, offer natural and effective solutions for issues faced by women in the workplace.

Women are accommodated in their unique situation.  Attention is focused on the woman’s individuality and embraces the philosophy of self-reliance, integrative health care services and focus on the special needs of women in their attainment of the best health.

Non-invasive investigations include iridology, tongue and nail diagnosis, nutritional and dietary assessment plus a thorough case history that can take up to one and a half hours (if you choose).  Women are considered as a whole incorporating the interactive potential of all body systems including the mind and spirit.  Natural remedies are individually prescribed including Herbs, Homoeopathy, Bach Flower Essences, Vitamins and Minerals to entice the body back to optimal health.

Women in the Workplace

This workshop addresses the fact that today’s working women are required to juggle many roles.  On a daily basis, women in the workplace are asked to carry on professional tasks while also caring for the immense responsibility of taking care of their families.   Often, while caring for everyone else, women fail to care for themselves.  Issues that will be addressed include:  ways for women to understand their professional and personal purpose; how to integrate professional and personal lives in a spiritual, meaningful way; and how to prioritise while letting go of things which are unimportant. 

Drumming up Women! - Teambuilding Just for Women 

If your heart beats you can drum! Drum up your confidence with the support of other female colleagues. Drumming is a wonderful avenue for self expression and building rapport with others. It’s also a great release from workplace stresses.  Come and join two dynamic female percussionists for a unique and fun team building session!


Prevention and care is by far the best medicine there is. Yoga, which literally means "union", is an ancient system of mind/body healing combining active meditation (deep breathing) and exercise that tones and strengthens the entire body."


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Detail from "The Reef" by Dafna Mordecai



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