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"Cotton Mandallas" series by Dafna Mordecai

Namaste Global Community

an interactive website (

links are just below the following commentary


from Namaste:

"Namaste is a Sanskrit word that acknowledges the inestimable value of each individual. It is often used to greet and honor others. Translation: "As I acknowledge and honor the Spirit within myself, so do I acknowledge and honor the Spirit within you.

Its over-arching mission is to make available publications and activities that acknowledge, celebrate and encourage others to express their true essence and thereby come to remember Who They Really Are.

In 2009 Namaste announced the development of the new Namaste Global Community web site--a concept that brings together our authors, their ongoing cutting-edge contributions, and our readers in an interactive worldwide community."

The InterSpiritual Multiplex has had the privilege of watching the development of the Namaste Global Community site.  ISDnA has a lot of friends at Namaste and the vision of Brother Wayne and Namaste are synergistic, to say the least. 

The works of Eckhart Tolle, and other Namaste writers, make up part of the core curriculum in InterSpirituality offered by ISDnA at the One Spirit Seminary and Learning Alliance in New York City.  We thank Constance Kellough at Namaste (author of The Leap) for a lot of sharing in the year of planning and work that had led up to the launch of both Namaste Global Community and the Multiplex.  We’re happy to announce that Namaste's new site is now available, and invite you to explore it.  See below!


Well-known Namaste Authors (and Friends)

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What is the Namaste Global Community? It's a place to come each day to:

  • Browse various author blogs
  • Join a discussion group
  • Discover how to become more fully present with beautiful yantras
  • Read Bizah's insights
  • Add to our spiritual dictionary
  • Enjoy timely free downloads of book or audio excerpts from our authors
  • Browse our iStore for books, CDs, DVDs and downloads.

All these and more are LINKED directly below.   Namaste hopes you will find wonderful surprises and come to the community as a place to go on the web for ongoing growth in consciousness and authentic community.

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Selected Links to Namaste Global Community's Interactive Website


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Bizah (cartoon character) Blog:

see the Multiplex Blog page


"Birth of a New Earth" by Dafna Mordecai

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