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An Assocation of Eco-Spirituality Advocates


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The informal association is a coalition of Eco-Spirituality Experts and Advocates who assist not-for-profits and NGO’s of similar aim and dedication.  We are affiliated with numerous constituencies and institutions as fits our expertise and aims.


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The Association will take part in presenting a month-long program on Eco-Spirituality at One Spirit Interfaith in New York City,   The evenings will be March 5, 12, 19, and 26th, 2013


Member Programs to Date


2011, February 12.  New York City.  Providing Speakers for Discussion with international Contemplative Alliance on ecological issues of "Redefining Prosperity", UN Plaza

2011, May 25.  New York City.  Water Defense Program on Dangers of Gas Hydrofracking; Ethical Culture Auditorium, New York City

2011, October 25.  New York City.  Providing Speakers for United Nations NGO Week of Spirituality.  Program on Eco-spirituality (see details at bottom).


Our Association has no official connections, unless that of individuals, to any of the organizations to whch we may be asked to contribute expertise or speakers



Members of the Association


Rev. Dr. Kurt Johnson (NY) (Contemplative Alliance, InterSpiritual Multiplex, American Museum of Natural History [retired], co-founder Interspiritual Dialogue and Community of The Mystic Heart) 

Dr. James A. F. Stoner (NY) (Chairholder: Chair in Global Sustainability, Fordham University) 

Rabbi Larry Troster (NJ) (a founder of Greenfaith)

Dr. Jan Dash (NY) (Unitarian-Universalist Ecological Advocate)

Dr. Eleanor Rae (NY) (Founder of Center for Women, the Earth and the Divine)

Dr. J. J. Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak  (CA) (founder of the Academy for Future Science) 

Dr. Edward Bastian (CA) (Buddhist scholar and founder of Eco-faith California (; member of Contemplative Alliance)

Greg Reitman (CA) (filmmaker of FUEL [Sundance winner], and developing "Rooted in Peace") 

Rev. Tim Miner (DC) (OUnI [Order of Universal Interfaith[ co-founder and former Chair of Earth Sciences Dept. at US Air Force Academy)

Ms. Kay Dundorf (NY) (Ecological Advocate from Ethical Culture)

Emily Squires (NY), Co-founder of Coalition for OneVoice and coordinator of New York anti-hydrofracking coalition

Dr. Ernest Wachter (PA):   co-founder of OUnI, CMH [Community of The Mystic Heart]; M.Div. in eco-spirituality under Fr. Thomas Berry



--NEXT PROGRAM for which we are providing speakers--


Environmental Protection as Spiritual Practice
 for Visionary Leadership
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2011   11 AM - 12:30 PM

 Salvation Army Center

221 East 52nd Street, between 2nd & 3rd Avenues, NY, NY



Lawrence Troster

Co-chair, Interfaith Partnership for theEnvironment of UNEP; Director of Fellowship Program, Greenfaith

The Beginning of Wisdom: The Development of Spiritual Environmental Leaders

Rabbi Lawrence Troster will speak about the necessity of developing trained religious environmental leaders. While all religious leaders seek to transform the members of the community to reflect the values of their respective traditions, they do so within the context of well-established leadership models. In the religious response to the environmental crisis, there has been a lack of trained and informed leadership. Seminaries, both Jewish and Christian, have rarely provided religious environmental education as regular part of seminary training. Most religious environmental leaders have been self-educated. Rabbi Troster was instrumental in creating the GreenFaith Fellowship Program in the fall of 2007, designed to develop a diverse and religiously based environmental leadership. In many faith traditions, there are traditional models of spiritual exemplars. Many religious environmental leaders have not been inspired by traditional models but instead have found their inspiration from secular or non-traditional sources. Rabbi Troster will also suggest ways that traditional models of spiritual leadership can be utilized to develop sustainable spiritual communities.


Dr. James A. F. Stoner

Chairholder, Chair for Global Sustainability,Fordham University

Awareness, Passion, Action: Spiritual Leadership for Global Sustainability

Jim Stoner will report research by Isabel Rimanoczy on individuals who became sustainability leaders on their own initiatives – not because it was part of their job descriptions.   Her findings suggest that “doing the right thing for moral, religious, spiritual and/or ethical reasons” was the most powerful driver of their commitments.   Jim will acknowledge that there are strong "business and career cases" for global sustainability, but that leaders serve themselves and others best by bringing their spirituality out of the closet and admitting, loudly, clearly, and often, that the “moral and spiritual and religious case” is THE case for global sustainability and recognizing that it is also the case that can, does, and will drive us and others to do what we know is the right thing to do.