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Classical Sources

Contemporary Sources

Learn more about these contemporary teachers and paths


see "Forest Reflection" by Dafna Mordecai at bottom




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Page 1:  Contemporary and Recent Sources

At the Multiplex and through the Multiplex

Below you will find free videos, audios, notes, texts, and other samples of major contemporary or recent teachers through the Multiplex and our associates— BROWSE, SAMPLE, and ENJOY!

For classical, and some more recent teachers, see Classical Sources (link also at left)

Looking for photos of persons? In most cases these will appear when you press on the links below.   For classical teachers, also see our InterSpiritual Pioneers Photo Archive.



often multiple sources

Wayne Teasdale-- InterSpiritual Pioneer


From ISDnA:   links to all of Brother Wayne's published articles in periodicals:


Friends of Wayne

Andrew Harvey--  Sacred Activism

CLICK HERE for The Hope:   Mystical Understanding of Jesus; On Father Bede Griffiths; Understanding Sacred Activism; The Mystical Renaissance; The Challenge of Sacred Activism

VIDEOS:  see Chicago hub (Institute for Sacred Activism), New York hub (Coalition for OneVoice)


Russill Paul-- Yoga of Sound, Jesus in the Lotus

CLICK HERE for Jesus in the Lotus:  Yoga East and West; The Interspiritual Journey; Ramana Maharshi and Spiritual Inquiry; The Spiritual Search and the Ego; Christian Enlightenment


Kurt Johnson-- Interspirituality, Nonduality, Science and Transformation

CLICK HERE for "The Journey from Interfaith to Trans-traditional Spirituality, Interspirituality, and Awakening"

CLICK HERE for "Why (and How) We Teach Wayne Teasdale and Ken Wilber Together at One Spirit"

From Vision in Action (on the vision of Brother Wayne):

from Kosmos (on collective consciousness):

from One Spirit Journal:  click HERE for "On the Journey to Interspirituality...."

from Stillness Speaks:

Stillness Speaks:  On Lateral Satsang

Stillness Speaks:  On Wayne and Bede: Read Bede Griffiths and Wayne Teasdale—One of the Crucial Threads of  Christian/ Hindu Mystical Dialogue by Kurt Johnson here

from ISDnA (on Brother Wayne):

from One Spirit (How we teach Wayne and Wilber together, click HERE)

VIDEO:  see New York hub (ISDnA), Austin hub (The Crossings)


Gorakh Hayashi-- InterSpirituality, Arts

CLICK HERE for "A Remembrance of Bro. Wayne Teasdale"

From Vision in Action (on the vision of Brother Wayne):

from The Crossings (reflections on Brother Wayne's transition, click HERE);

from ISDnA (on Brother Wayne):

VIDEO:  see Chicago hub (Chicago Circles), Austin hub (The Crossings)


Cynthia Bourgeault-- Interspirituality, Contemplation

Visit The Contemplative Society at The Multiplex's West Coast page

from The Contemplative Society

AUDIO: The Future of Christianity, with David Riordan, Click HERE

Cynthia's Message for 2009:  click here for MORE

Cynthia’s notes on "Christophany" by Raimon Panikkar

VIDEOCynthia on World Religions, especially Christianity: Click HERE


Lama Surya Das-- Dzogchen, Interspirituality

Here's a change!  Lama Surya Das's Blog is one of the most popular on the web.  So that's a great place to start an Exploration.

Here's the link:



  current, yes, but see them at Classical Sources

H. H. (currently the 14th) Dalai Lama

H. H. (currently the 12th) Qyalwang Drukpa


contemporary interspiritual diversity

Adyashanti-- Links, Connections, Videos-- www.adyashanti.orgVideo Series 1-3 (many more at YouTube):; Adya and Loch Kelly: Links

Loch Kelly-- Natural Wakefulness

Awakening (click HERE); Inquiry Video; Loch and Adyashanti:

Constance Kellough-- The Leap, Excerpts Namaste YouTube Interviews 1-5:

David Robert Ord-- Contemporary Understandings of Jesus Audio:

Eckhart Tolle-- Excerpts at Namaste

Willis Harman-- Global Mind Change; Global Mind Change Summary:

Ken Wilber-- Integral Institute; also see "Science", "World Groups" and "Wayne" pages; Free Introduction to Integral: (and see Videos at "Science", "World Groups" and "Wayne" pages)

Don Beck-- Spiral Dynamics Links and Connections (   ( and Video at "Science" page)

Paul Hawken-- WiserEarth, Bioneers (Video and Links at "Science" page)

Yasuhiko Kimura-- Vision in Action (and see Video at the "Science" page)

Michael Pergola-- Interfaith, Interspirituality (click HERE)

Chris Hebard-- On Awakening (click HERE)

Tim Conway-- Important piece on Nondual Authenticity (See "The Four Kinds...")

Kavita Byrd-- The Feminine, Mysticism and Tranformation

Anne Scott-- Women, Wisdom and Dreams:  The Light of the Feminine Soul (click HERE); more articles:

Philip Hellmich-- Love and Conflict:  Insights from African on Transforming Self and Societies (click HERE)

Rafael Nasser-- Emerging Toward Higher Simplicities (click HERE)

Diane Berke-- In Dark Times (a reflection on InterSpirituality in our current times) (click HERE)

Simon Sherman (new translations of Vladimir Serkin's work on a little known living Siberian Shaman) -- Conversations with the Shaman (newly translated from the Russian; click HERE)


Linked through StillnessSpeaks

videos, audios, texts

for additional detail, see the Multiplex's Explore at Stillness Speaks page


Rupert SpiraThe Arts and Highest Consciousness (texts, video)

Wayne DyerSpiritual speaker well known from Television (video)

Steven HarrisonContemporary Nonduality/Oneness (texts, audio, video)

Wolter Keers:  Early pioneer in Advaita, deepest Hindu mysticism (texts)

Isaac Shapiro: British pioneer in nonduality, Advaita & Ramana Maharshi (notes, videos)

Alan Watts:  A Legend, one of the first to bring East to West (video)

Peter Russell: The Primacy of Consciousness (video)

Douglas HardingAnother British Pioneer, “The Headless Way" (video)

John Sherman:  From ten-most-wanted criminal to admired Spiritual Teacher, truly an amazing life story (video)

Richard Rose:  Zen Master, Poet, Philosopher, Investigator of the Paranormal (video, TAT Foundation Trailer)

Genpo Roshi: Zen; known worldwide for the “Big Mind” approach (video)

Wayne Teasdale:   InterSpirituality (videos, links)

Ken Wilber:  Originator of the Integral vision and the world’s most translated Philosopher (notes, video)

Mooji:   Popular teacher in lineage of Papaji and Ramana Maharshi (notes, video)

Paul Brunton:  Early pioneer and prolific author bringing Ramaha Maharshi and nonduality west (Peter Holleran’s important article on Brunton and his Legacy)

Greg Goode:  Pioneer in nondual counseling and vondualism and philosophy (video, pdf copies of books)

Bede Griffiths (Dayananda):  Pioneer Christian monk and Indian guru, mentor of Wayne Teasdale, Russill Paul, Andrew Harvey and many more (video, text summaries)

Jean Klein: Western Master, teacher of many of today’s contemporary teachers (text samples of major works)

Lester Levenson:  Founder of Sedona Method, early teacher of many contemporary teachers (notes, video)

Robert Adams:  Early associate of Ramana Maharshi, teacher of many contemporary teachers (notes, pointers to available materials)

William Samuel:  Pioneer synthesizer of nonduality and many other fields of inquiry; a teacher of scientists, theologians and many more (notes, pointers to available materials)

Hale Dwoskin: Articulator of Sedona Method and “The Inner Circle”; student of Lester Levenson (video, pointers to available materials)

Francis Lucille:  Much admired pioneer teacher, translator, and veritable concierge of nonduality (veido, sample texts and translations)

Gangaji:   Pioneer of bringing Ramana, Papaji west; Teacher of many Contemporary Teachers (video, notes)

James Swartz (Ram):  Highly respected teacher; mentored by Swami Chinmayananda (notes, video)

Peter Dziuban:  Author of Consciousness is All, highly innovative teacher (sample texts)

Pamela Wilson:  Teacher endeared to many worldwide-- the approach of “Welcoming”; associate of Robert Adams and Neelam, teacher and friend of many contemporary teachers (notes, video)

Kurt Johnson:  Co-founder with Wayne Teasdale of InterSpiritual Dialogue; teacher, scientist; some say a pioneer in “nondualism meets mainstream academia”, (LINKS to articles [additional LINKS at Wayne Teasdale and Bede Griffiths entries]; NOTES, SAMPLE TEXTS)

Adyashanti:   Hugely popular Teacher known especially for his penetrating clarity and linkage of Zen and Hindu (Advaita) traditions (notes, video)

Eckhart Tolle:  World famous for The Power of Now, A New Earth and his teaching through Oprah (video, pointers to available materials)

A. H. AlmaasOriginator of the Diamond Approach (Diamond Heart Work) and Ridhwan School (notes)

Papaji:   aka Sri H.W. Poonja or Poonjaji, perhaps most well-known disciple of Ramana, along with Robert Adams (notes, links) (see also Classical Teachers, for longer notes)  

Dayananda, founder of Arsha Vidya Gurukalam, modern teacher of classical acharyas (see also Classical Teachers) (note, links)



H. H. Chalanda Sai Ma Lakshmi Devi, spiritual leader, humanitarian; founder of Humanity in Unity:  download messages at Humanity in Unity:

Terry Patten, Deborah Boyar, Diane Musho Hamilton, spiritual teachers historically associated with Integral Institute, see the Integral entries and links at the Multiplex Other U.S. page.

Robert Young, dynamic and popular spiritual teacher from Australia Video:

Note:  if you're look for a prominent contemporary teacher not listed on this page, try also "Recently Controversial Figures" on the Classical Learning page.   These entries include living or recent spiritual teachers around whom has swirled some controversy.  We make no judgments, but there provide their direct links and links pro and con for your own evaluation.


Go to Classical Sources also for:

For Ramana, Papaji, Nisargadatta, Abhinavaupta, Huang Po, Adi Shankaracharya, Atmananda Krishna Menon, (U.G.) Krishnamurti, Chinmayananda, Ma Anandamayee, Anasuya Devi, Ramesh, Osho, Ramakrishna and many more see CLASSICAL SOURCES along with major figures of the world's classical traditions like Buddha, Jesus, Rumi, Lao Tzu and many more


and, explore at the:

Spiritual Master's Project at Spirituality and Practice

See Brother Wayne section, and sections on other spiritual masters at Spirituality and Practices's "Spiritual Master's Project".  Included with Brother Wayne are:

Sri Chimoy, William Sloane Coffin, Madeleine L. 'Engle, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Frederick Franck, John O'Donahue and Jose Hobday, Wayne Teasdale



Artwork interspersed  above is detail  from "Forest Reflection" by Dafna Mordecai.

You can enjoy the entire piece at the right.

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