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One Spirit Learning Alliance and  Interfaith Seminary    HOME



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Diane Berke; Diane Berke with Andrew Harvey

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   Michael Pergola






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Diane Berke at found- ing of Contemplative Alliance with Sraddhalu Ranade and Rabbi Rami Shapiro


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Michael Pergola and Sheila Wall (OneVoice), guest speakers at Rubin Museum of Art


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"Tree of Life" by Dafna Mordecai; for larger view go to "Our Artist"


One Spirit Learning Alliance and its Interfaith Seminary, known together in New York City as "One Spirit", offer one of the most innovative and forward looking programs on the InterSpiritual landscape, and one with plenty of opportunities for long distance learning.  

Founded in 2002 by Diane Berke and Michael Pergola, One Spirit now combines a two-year interfaith ordination program with supportive programs in Consciousness Studies and Integral Multifaith, a blend of modern InterSpirituality and the Integral vision.  Frequented by major spiritual teachers and scholars from many traditions, and supported by a broad-based interfaith community in the tri-state area, One Spirit also offers certification in Conscious Leadership and InterSpiritual Counseling.

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One Spirit Interfaith Seminary

One Spirit Interfaith Seminary is a two-year part-time professional training that explores the world’s religions and spiritual diversity and supports deep personal growth and transformation. Designed for working adults, the program leads to ordination as an Interfaith minister in a program centered on supportive community and an InterSpiritual perspective.  One Spirit Interfaith Seminary draws from the deeper essence that underlies the spiritual treasures of every tradition, the essential spirituality found at the mystic heart of every great expression of faith.  

One Spirit recognizes that all authentic spiritual traditions, at their core, are committed to the common values of peace, tolerance, compassionate service, and love for all creation. Accordingly, the Seminary draws from the resources of the great wisdom teachings, both ancient and modern, to increase our appreciation for the diversity of life and to nurture a direct experience of the unity that underlies it.  With an emphasis on community, nurturing practice, sound interfaith education and sacred activism One Spirit presents a unique opportunity for both in person and long distance learning.


One Spirit Learning Alliance

One Spirit Learning Alliance supports One Spirit's Interfaith Seminary with a variety of programs open to students and public.  These include Certification in Conscious Leadership and InterSpiritual Counseling and curricula in Consciousness Studies (contemporary understandings of consciousness, spiritual inquiry, dharma studies etc.) and Integral Multifaith (interspirituality, integral and spiral dynamics).  Led by One Spirit co-founder Michael Pergola (left) the Alliance also regularly hosts prominent spiritual teachers, sacred activists and other alliances and networks working toward world change and provides and supports major and forward-looking programs for the New York City Community. 

On the national and international level, One Spirit is working constantly to expand its educational activities through partnerships with the contemplative, dharma, interspiritual, integral, sacred activist and world transformation movements and communities.


Faculty and Friends

Left and Below: Regular and visiting faculty at One Spirit include (left to right): Andrew Harvey (Inst. for Sacred Activism), Loch Kelly (Natural Wakefulness Center), Lama Surya Das (Dzogchen Center), Lynne Feldman (New York Integral), Robert Forman (Forge Institute), Miranda Macpherson, Joyce Liechenstein, Karen Watt (One Spirit) and Kurt Johnson (ISDnA).

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One Spirit Website:

Located at 330 West 38th St. (btw. 8th & 9th Avenues) 15th Floor; 212-931-6840



Important One Spirit Alliances and Links

One Spirit works closely with these partners also represented at the Multiplex: 

The New York Integral Community, The Contemplative Alliance, Natural Wakefulness Center and The Coalition for OneVoice.

Browse them at the Multiplex's New York hub page.


One Spirit Authors at the Multiplex

Browse Diane Berke, Michael Pergola, Kurt Johnson, Andrew Harvey, Loch Kelly and Lama Surya Das at the Features and Contemporary Sources pages. 


Alliance Links:   Video

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