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Classical Learning

Free resources on classical teachers and traditions....


See "Shale Pool" by Dafna Mordecai after the texts

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An extensive  photo archive of InterSpiritual Pioneers appears at the end of the page


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Subpage 2:   Classical Teachers and Traditions   

Learn from classical figures and other (relatively more recent) teachers and sages from across the world’s traditions-- alphabetical order. 

Over twenty are here, through the Multiplex and further linked through Stillness Speaks.  The Multiplex has added selected website options along with pointers and links to their classic works and FREE DOWNLOADS.  

Looking for photos of persons? These can be rare, or nonexistent, but some, or paintings, will appear when you press on the links


Abhinavagupta, classical figure in Kashmiri Shivanism, key doorway in nondualism. 

See Shaiva Fellowship site from Swami Lakshmanjoo:   FREE DOWNLOADS of Books/Materials at and at Stillness Speaks:

General Information:   at Wikipedia: at Kousa:


Abhishiktananda (Fr. Henri Le Saux), important crossover figure seeding the Christian/Advaitic lineage leading to Fr. Bede Griffiths, Bro. Wayne  Teasdale etc.

See or download previously unpublished piece on Le Saux and the Christian/Advaitic "straddle" by Bro. Wayne HERE


Adi Shankaracharya ("Shankara"), early classical figure in Advaita Vedanta,

VIDEOS:  search Adi Shankaracharya at YouTube for quite a variety.   DOWNLOAD TEXTS: wide-ranging free materials from written work: (click on his name).  At Stillness Speaks:

General Information:   at Wikipedia:   At About Hinduism: with many useful links


Atmananda Krishna Menon, teacher and author of key treatises, like the 'great reminder' the Atma Darshan

DOWNLOAD free e-books and Peter Hollerans key research on AKM: and materials at

DOWNLOAD commentaries and downloads by former associates:

General information:   in lieu of no entry at Wikipedia read here and see also Greg Goode's extensive offereings at


Babaji (Babaji Nagaraj, of Kriya Yoga), might be called "The Gift that Keeps on Giving".  Historically, born on Nov. 30, 203 AD, in Tamil Nadu India, Babaji vowed to keep his human form and stay on the planet till all of humanity had transformed.  There is very little information on the historical Babaji and his teachings; numerous teachers and groups have claimed to represent him.

General information:  Given these circumstances, it's best to Google (or used other Search site) for "Babaji Nagaraj" and navigate this mystery from there, making your own evaluations as you do.  A traditional rendering of Babaji Nagaraj is recorded in our Photo Archive along with a depiction of his work continuing.


Baba Virsa Singh (H. H. Baba Virsa Singh of Gobind Sadan), Punjabi Sage.

Download materials at Official Website:

General information also at


Baha'u'llah, founder of Baha'i.

Download materials in various media:

General information: and at Wikipedia:'u'llah


Black Elk, Oglala medicine man known for the classic dictations Black Elk Speaks, The Sacred Pipe and Spiritual Legacy of the American Indian, among others

Books currently available by searching any booksite.  Free DOWNLOADS have been available at

General Information:   at Native Wikipedia:


Brahma Baba, founder of the Brahma Kumaris, Raja Yoga

DOWNLOAD from BK website: Understand more about Raja Yoga in wider perspective:

General Information:   at Wikipedia:


the Buddha (Siddhartha Gotama), historical origin of Buddhism

DOWNLOAD summaries of the Buddha’s teachings and hear related audios by The Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi at:


General Information:  at Wikipedia:

General and with wide-ranging links to general Buddhist websites and DOWNLOAD sources:


Chinmayananda, classical Indian leader, independence movement patriot, visionary and sage

DOWNLOAD audio and text materials from followers and lineage:   At Stillness Speaks:

VIDEOS:   search Chinmayananda at YouTube (many including of him)

General Information:  at Wikipedia: or


the Dalai Lama (H. H. [currently the 14th] Dalai Lama), of the Tibetan Buddhist Dalai Lama Lineage

understand the Dalai Lama lineage:; find lists of free downloads from The Dalai Lama at:  

At Stillness Speaks:

General Information:  see above and


the Drukpa (H. H. [currently the 12th] Qyalwang Drukpa), of the Tibetan Buddhist Drukpa Lineage

understand the Drukpa lineage and download materials from him at:;

see personal note to Kurt Johnson of here. 

General Information:  at Wikipedia: and


Gurdjieff (G. I.), Eurasian mystic, artist, spiritual teacher

DOWNLOAD written materials: DOWNLOAD videos and other materials at: (click on Gurdjieff)

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Huang Po (Huangbo, etc., variously transliterated), early classical figure in Zen Buddism

For Huang Po and other major classical Zen figures see index and DOWNLOADS therein at: (Zen Teachings of Huang Po) etc.

At Stillness Speaks

General Information:  at Wikipedia: (to our knowledge not the same person as the contemporary baseball player of same name-- you read this far!)


Jesus (Jesus of Nazareth), messianic figure of Christianity; prophetic figure in Islam.   There are any number of new, exciting and profoundly insightful books on Jesus in the context of the world’s spiritual heritages. 

Modern perspectives on Jesus:  at Wikipedia:

Historical Jesus, status of scholarship; at Wikipedia:

From Namaste: Your Forgotten Self: Mirrored in Jesus the Christ by Robert David Ord:

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Krishnamurti (Jiddu), teacher, philosopher, educator, "anti-guru"

On Krishnamurti (J.) and Krishnamurti (U.G.):

DOWNLOAD from and about J. Krishnamurti (including David Bohm):

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Krishnamurti (U.G.), teacher 'uniquely himself',  challenging pioneer and "anti-guru",

DOWNLOAD entire works free: Stillness Speaks:

VIDEO re: biography: (U. G. Krishnamurti: A Life).  Others at YouTube.

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Lao Tzu, author of the Tao Te Ching, father of Taoism

DOWNLOAD Tao Te Ching, here (James Legge translation):   At Stillness Speaks:,

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Ma Anandamayee, 19th Century Indian sage, self-realized, self taught

DOWNLOAD anecdotes, excerpts:  At Stillness Speaks:

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Mahesh Prasad Varma), founder of Transcendental Meditation

DOWNLOAD various materials re: organizations;; civic and educational institutions: ;;

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Nisargadatta Maharaj, India's other (along with Ramana Maharshi) great classical Advaitic sage in relatively recent time

from Nisargadatta this "lineage" was said to move to Ramesh Balsekar, and to westerners he taught like Wayne Liquorman, Tim Conway and others

DOWNLOAD his classic I Am That:   At Stillness Speaks:   article and links

Read Tim Conway on authentic and non-authentic teachers (written in wake of controversies within the lineage):

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Papaji (aka Sri H.W. L. Poonja or Poonjaji),  perhaps the most well-known direct disciple of Ramana Maharshi, along with Robert Adams (see Contemporary Teachers as well). 

At one time or another  teacher of so many contemporary westerners who have brought various versions of Advaita west, Gangaji, Eli Jaxon-Bear, Isaac Shapiro, Andrew Cohen, Catherine Ingram, Neelam, Dasarath, Mooji, to name only a few.  The precise connection of these western teachers to him is controversial, as can be seen with some research, but the group is diverse and also full of persons to whom many attribute much.  So perhaps the hairs should not be split so finely. 

Commentary and links at

DOWNLOAD at Papaji webiste:

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Ramakrishna (Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa) 19th Century Indian/Bengali mystic, renaissance and interspiritual figure

DOWNLOAD texts and audio at: and

Ramakrishna, Christianity and Islam:

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Ramana Maharshi, India’s “Silent Sage”, see a suite of VIDEOS at; and downloads at today’s “official” website devoted to Ramana Maharshi :

And download books at:

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Rumi, renowned Sufi Master and Poet, (see there, upper right, VIDEO of Rumi Poems, with Music and Images).

Download Audio of Rumi Poems,

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Sri Aurobindo and The Mother (Mirra Alfassa).    Spiritual and cultural pioneers of India  

To Download works see: and

General Information:  at Wikipedia: and select Mirra Alfassa


Tirthankars, or Jinas (the 24...), founders of Jainism or Jain Dharma

DOWNLOAD various materials:

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


Yogananda (Paramahansa Yogananda), acknowledged by so many as a historical reservoir; best known publically for Autobiography of a Yogi.

General Information:  at Wikipedia:

DOWNLOAD various materials at Official Website:  



Indigenous Heritages (and links):


Recently Controversial Figures: 

Please know from the "get go" that we make no judgments here.  All spiritual teachers are controversial to some degree, but behavioral or ethical controversies, deserved or undeserved, create particular difficulty.  We group the following figures here simply because the controversies are relatively recent and have to do with the perennial question about the relationship of higher consciousness and normative behavior, not to mention the relationship of the Message and Messenger.

Integral theory helps us understand this to a degree, noting that right now in the evolution of consciousness some persons may have a "highly developed consciousness line [trait]" but at the same time other less developed lines [emotional, psycho-sexual etc.].  Also, Tim Conway (see his piece's linked at the Multiplex on "levels" of authentic teachers) seems to summarize well that behavioral problems often stem from teachers ascribing themselves to a higher level of realization than they actually represent.   We make no judgments but provide links the reader can follow for their own evaluation, pro and con.

In these cases, even though these teachers spawned serious controversy or even ill repute, the extent of their influence (particularly before such controversial events or because of valued written works) still impact the interspiritual scene.  There are other examples 'out there' but we have included only some of the most prominent. 

In treating these controversies one can go from the extremes of websites like to more conventional attempts to understand the pathologies that can unfortunately sometimes accompany the spiritual path, especially when the teaching position is coupled with power over followers.

Please read Tim Conway's piece on authentic and non-authentic teachers:

and remember the words of Lao Tzu: 
"Having what is called insight, a good man, before he can help a bad man, finds in himself the matter with the bad man"


the late Adi Dah (many other names).  Author of the respected Dawn Horse Testament, engulfed by behavioral and ethical controversies, prominent devotee departures and the like, but still revered by many as a source for major modern understandings of the higher Consciousness landscape.  Download materials from his organization at; a far-ranging piece about the controversy, among many others, is at

General Information:  at Wikipedia:


the late Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh).  From philosopher to revered guru, to controversies of runaway wealth and ashram-related criminal activity.  Yet revered as a root teacher by many making prominent contributions today

DOWNLOAD wide-ranging materials

General Information:  Wikipedia:


the late Ramesh Balsekar, controverial behavior toward earthlife's end stands in contrast  to important written and other contributions by this close associate of Nisargadatta (see also Tim Conway's cautionary piece, below and under Contemporary Teachers). 

Stillness Speaks article and links:  

Tim Conway on Ramesh controversy:

General Information:  Wikipedia:


Sun Myung Moon (Rev. Moon), Korean religious figure.  Mentioned here not because the years of controversy are questionable but because relatively few realize that at least Part I of his treatise Divine Principle contains quite sophisticated insights regarding nondualism, Christian biblical exegesis, and Christian versus Marxist ontology.  A few scholars have followed these threads but the sociological controversy has overwhelmed it.  Another enigma of Message and Messenger.

General Information:  Wikipedia:


Andrew Cohen, undoubtedly important for contributions to the emerging evolutionary consciousness and founding of "What is Enlightenment?" magazine.  Also dogged by controversies involving intra-community behaviour and dynamics.  It is certainly possible that he is completely misunderstood by his critics.  We make no judgment here but include important links for your own evalution.  See also What is Enlightenment Magazine at the Multiplex "World Groups" page.

General Information:  Wikipedia:

Andrew Cohen website:

Interesting Pros and Cons:

"Con" only:


Sai Baba, again a prominent figure, esp, in the western "straddle" with eastern teachers but also dogged by behavioral and legal  controversy.  We make no judgment here but include important links for your own evaluation.

General Information:  Wikipedia:

Sai Baba website:

A Site that Reviews the Controversy, with many links:



Art interspersed above is detail from "Fucia Blue Water Reflection" by Dafna Mordecai.

You can enjoy the entire piece at the right the LAND page.

Right is "Shale Pool" by Dafna Mordecai.






See Below for the Photographic Archive of Interspiritual Pioneers


wpe1A1.jpg (48423 bytes)


Photo Archive of InterSpiritual Pioneers


Our Thanks to Dr. Ernest Wachter, Universal Order of Sannyasa, for assembling this archive first at the ISDnA Forum at; we have added to it since

(needless to say, the next generations' pantheon will have more "women"!)


 wpe1AF.jpg (22300 bytes) wpe1B1.jpg (22300 bytes) wpe1E4.jpg (12693 bytes)

Bro. Wayne Teasdale, Ken Wilber, Fr. Bede Griffiths (Swami Dayananda)

The next three photos represent "the Shantivanum lineage" the precursors to Bro. Wayne (Christian monks resident in India who also embraced eastern "awakening" and were the "lineage" culminating in the founding of Shantivanum ashram by Fr. Bede):  Fr. Jules Monchanin, Fr. Roberto de Nobili SJ, and Fr. Henri Le Saux OSB.

For a history of this lineage and its signficance see Bro. Wayne's last book:  Bede Griffiths:  An Introduction to his Interspiritual Thought

wpe1B4.jpg (18738 bytes) wpe1C5.jpg (23030 bytes) wpe1CB.jpg (16141 bytes)

Fr. Jules Monchanin (Swami Parah Arubi Ananda), Fr. Roberto de Nobili S.J., Fr. Henri Le Saux OSB (Swami Abhishiktananda)

wpe1AE.jpg (16968 bytes) wpe1CE.jpg (23849 bytes) wpe1CF.jpg (12299 bytes)

Brahmabandhah Upadhyah, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz


wpe1D0.jpg (7334 bytes) wpe1D1.jpg (13427 bytes) wpe1D2.jpg (21796 bytes)

Baba Virsa Singh, Thomas Merton O.C.S.O., Hazrat Inayat Khan

wpe1D3.jpg (7499 bytes) wpe1D4.jpg (14277 bytes) wpe1D5.jpg (12734 bytes)

Thomas Keating O.C.S.O., Raimon Panikker, Amma

wpe1D6.jpg (12021 bytes) wpe1D7.jpg (15610 bytes) wpe1D8.jpg (20609 bytes)

Swami Ajatananda (disciple of Swami Abhishiktananda), Mahatma Gandhi, Ramakrishna


wpe1D9.jpg (12621 bytes) wpe1DA.jpg (13798 bytes) wpe1DB.jpg (14137 bytes)

Vivekananda, Pandurang Shastri Athavale, Matthew Fox


wpe1DC.jpg (16492 bytes) wpe1DD.jpg (16203 bytes) wpe1DE.jpg (12525 bytes)

Pythagoras, Baha'u'llah, Swami Satchidananda


wpe1DF.jpg (9896 bytes) wpe1E0.jpg (14160 bytes) wpe1E1.jpg (6597 bytes)

Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, Madame Blavatsky, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother


wpe1E2.jpg (16840 bytes) wpe1E3.jpg (19941 bytes) wpe1E4.jpg (15904 bytes)

Carl Jung, Ram Das, St. Francis of Assisi

wpe1E5.jpg (6365 bytes) wpe1E6.jpg (11025 bytes) wpe1E5.jpg (4944 bytes)

Willigis Jaeger, Thich Naht Hahn, Alexandro Jodorowsky


wpe1E6.jpg (16698 bytes) wpe1E7.jpg (13306 bytes) wpe1E8.jpg (32944 bytes)

Yogananda, Chiara Lubich, David S. C. Kim

wpe1E9.jpg (5704 bytes) wpe1EA.jpg (3144 bytes) wpe1EB.jpg (4378 bytes)

Rabbi Leon Klenicki, Harold Vogelaar, Donald W. Mitchell

wpe1EE.jpg (4895 bytes) wpe1EF.jpg (5009 bytes) wpe1F1.jpg (5214 bytes)

Felix Adler, Fr. Francis Acharya Ocsos, Sr. Pascaline Coff

wpe1F2.jpg (3581 bytes) wpe1F3.jpg (19868 bytes) wpe1F4.jpg (29256 bytes)

Swami Atmananda Udasin, Huston Smith, Frithjof Schuon

wpe1F5.jpg (5801 bytes) wpe20B.jpg (19247 bytes) wpe20C.jpg (9021 bytes)

Alison Davis, Traditional Rendering of Babaji Nagaraj (b. 203 A.D.), Depiction of Babaji Nagaraj working through a modern feminine personae



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