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Sacred Activism

The Chicago Circle

Emphasizing Youth, Arts, and Circles of Stillness, Deep Listening and Dialogue



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"Starburst" by Dafna Mordecai

The Chicago ISDnA circles have been known as the "Circles of Grace and Empowerment, Alchemy for the 21st Century".  Currently this primarily involves the Columbia College Light Circle (where Bro. Wayne taught) with the faculty sponsor being Gorakh Hayashi.

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More will be available soon about their activities as their website is still in progress.

Gorakh was a close associate of Bro. Wayne in Chicago and has written with Kurt Johnson several pieces and  remembrances of Wayne keyed in the right column.

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More to come on

Chicago Circles

Circles of Grace and Empowerment, Alchemy for the 21st Century

website in progress:

The stewards of the Columbia College Chicago Light Circle group are Sara Gaines, Cameron Yergler, Teresa Cesario, Ali Arzeni, Marie Stenger, and Eric Majeski.  The circle is hosted by Gorakh (William/Bill) Hayashi.

The Columbia College Light Circle meets the first Friday of every month from 6-10pm.  They start with a potluck which leads into the sharing of "soul art", meditation, yoga, chanting, dancing, films, and discussion.

Contact Address is: 624 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, 60605.

Email is


NEW for 2011


wpe33.jpg (9099 bytes)  WATCH NEW 2011 LIGHT CIRCLE VIDEO


wpe33.jpg (9099 bytes) Listen to Light Circle students and Gorakh Hayashi at NAMASTE RADIO, click on "Youth and Spirituality" in the blue BLOGTALK RADIO Icon


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wpe33.jpg (9099 bytes)   Participate in Chicago Light Circles Guided Meditation with Gorakh Hayashi HERE:


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More From Gorakh Hayashi

Watch commentaries on Bro. Wayne by Gorakh Hayashi at YouTube from the 2005 Common Ground Tribute Event to Brother Wayne.

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wpe10E.jpg (6874 bytes) Read Gorakh Hayashi and Kurt Johnson's article on the InterSpiritual Vision of Brother Wayne: SCROLL DOWN to Hayashi & Johnson

Read Gorakh Hayashi's "A Remembrance of Brother Wayne Teasdale" delivered at the 2005 Tribute Event in Austin, Texas HERE.

Matt Santos

wpe33.jpg (9099 bytes) See Columbia College graduate Matthew Santos and listen to his music at the Multiplex Music page



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