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Spiritual Paths

The Aspen Grove
Meeting in Stillness, Acting from Stillness




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The Aspen Grove hosts gatherings which support the shared conviction that there is an underlying unity that connects the rich diversity of human cultures, societies, and religions.

The aspen grove is the world’s largest living organism. A single grove can grow large enough to cover an entire mountainside while the trees within the grove are interconnected through their shared root system.
Each tree stands as an individual and at the same time is connected to the whole.

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The philosophy of The Aspen Grove is deceptively simple: We invite people to gatherings where inner stillness, rest and meaningful dialogue nurture the unity which is the source of selfless collaboration. In an increasingly fragmented and chaotic world, The Aspen Grove believes it is time to intentionally enter that consciousness which exists beyond personal and global discord.

The Aspen Grove's purpose in holding the gatherings is to facilitate an experience of dedication and commitment to all of life and in turn be inspired to continue serving our world, individually and collectively, through compassionate action.

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 "We are all part of the One Life that manifests itself in countless forms through the universe, forms that are all completely interconnected. A great silent space holds all of life in its embrace. It also holds you. Only when you're still inside do you have access to the realm of stillness. When human beings become still, they go beyond thought. There is an added dimension of knowing, of awareness, in the stillness that is beyond thought. Out of this emptiness emerges communion of the hearts."

Stillness Speaks, Eckhart Tolle

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