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Contemplative Alliance and Global Peace Initiative of Women

Sharing the fruits of collective inner work for the welfare of all beings...




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Dena Merriam received One Spirit's "Friend of God" Recognition at Riverside Church in New York in June 2009 (see One Spirit at the New York hub)

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"Supernova" and "Cloud Reflections" by Dafna Mordecai

Aspen Spiritual Summit, 2008, and followup founding of The Contemplative Alliance, 2009

As can be seen by the program list at the website of The Global Peace Initiative of Women:

GPIW has hosted a myriad of events important to inter-religious and interspiritual dialogue.  Most recently these have included the "Aspen Spiritual Summit" ("Gathering Spiritual Voices of America) held in Aspen, Colorado immediately after the election of President Barack Obama in November 2008.   More recently, in October of 2009 a select group of the Aspen gathering met at Osprey Point Retreat Center in Maryland to form the "Contemplative Alliance".

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Of the Contemplative Alliance, GPIW has recently stated: .

"The Contemplative Alliance represents a deepening of the interfaith work of the last several decades. This work has fostered dialogue among the religions so they can develop tolerance, understand one another and cooperate around social issues. Contemplative practice moves beyond dialogue to the knowing of our essential Oneness, which has great implications for the perspectives we bring, for our actions and our very being. The Global Peace Initiative of Women has worked for many years to gather spiritualresources in places of great need, and we are eager to assist in generating the needed vision and energy to pull together the Contemplative Alliance. On November 5, 2008, the day after the US national elections, we called together spiritual leaders and meditation practitioners from various faith communities to explore how we can build a new spiritual voice for the nation, based on contemplative wisdom and the perception of the underlying Oneness of life. Since then, through many conversations and by observing world events, it has become clear that our collective voices are needed to give positive expression to the transitions underway so that we can respond wisely to the opportunities presented. The Contemplative Alliance must be a collective effort. It is an offering, a sharing of the fruits of our collective inner work for the welfare of all beings."

The work of GPIW in forming the Contemplative Alliance is in complete synchronity with the original vision of Brother Wayne.  His classic book The Mystic Heart was about this process and, as has been pointed out in more recent writing about him (see Hayashi and Johnson at: much of the rest of his life until his transition in 2004 was consumed by articulating the process by which the deepest contemplative understandings of humankind could skillfully serve the world's future.  Needless to say, a number of friends and colleagues of Brother Wayne are a part of this process, including his close associate Fr. Thomas Keating and the founders of Wayne's "association", InterSpiritual Dialogue in Action.

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Dena Merriam, GPIW Convenor and Photo of recent "Women's Summit"

The Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) was founded by a group of women religious and spiritual leaders to provide a global platform through which women and men, working in partnership, can foster the spiritual values of global unity, peacebuilding and the development of all the peoples of the world.  GPIW is an international  network of women and men who come together to tap our collective spiritual wisdom to stimulate reconciliation and healing in areas of conflict and post-conflict, and to deepen understanding of oneness, compassion and the principles of ahimsa (non-harm) as central tenets of life. 

GPIW believes that a shift in consciousness is needed, a change in heart and mind, if we are as a global community to meet the challenges of climate change, environmental degradation, poverty and hunger, violence and conflict.  Central to its work is the belief that the feminine qualities of wholeness, inclusion, and integration have a vital role to play in facilitating this shift and bringing greater balance to our world.  Thus it makes great effort to draw upon the resources of women spiritual leaders as it seek to empower these vital qualities.

GPIW's work aims to foster respect for all peoples on Earth and for the Earth’s natural environment. It highlights humanity’s shared values, even as we profoundly appreciate the diversity of human culture and belief. GPIW realizes the importance of transmitting such values to the next generation. Thus, in its sacred work, it places special emphasis on tapping inter-spiritual wisdom and developing leadership in young adults around the world,  listening to the perspectives of all as all seek together to create a more caring and compassionate world community.

You can read more of Dena Merriam's views at:

wpeB9.jpg (9099 bytes) See the Jaipur Women's Summit in Five Parts at:



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